Spirit-Inspired Leadership: Communication

You communicate all day, every day.

With yourself.  With others.  Through written words.  Through informal chats.  Through formal speeches.

But here’s the million-dollar question – Do you communicate from a place of alignment?

From a place of really believing in your message and having so much clarity that all the doubt in the world couldn’t even shake you?

That’s the type of assuredness we’re going for.

When you’re aligned, communication is easy.

You’re inspired to speak the perfect words.

The message flows.

The passion shines through.

When you’re aligned, the words flow through you easier than any rehearsed speech you could ever put together.

When you’re not aligned, there aren’t enough words in the world and action on the planet to make up for that lack of alignment.

It never really was about the words anyways; it’s about the energy.

It’s always been about the energy.

It’s always been about how you feel about the message you’re sharing.

People respond VERY well to the energy of alignment.  Trust me.

When you’re aligned and connected to who you truly are, your message will get standing ovations.  My clients’ do.  

I vividly remember when one of my clients was getting ready to step on stage for a keynote speech.  I texted him right before and told him I could literally hear it – standing ovation material for sure.   

Annnnnd sure enough, he texted me right after and confirmed the Standing O.  The audience was blown away.

If you’re reading this, buddy – you know who you are, and I am so beyond proud to see you soaring and inspiring and shining your light every single day.

Here are a few components of spirit-inspired communication: 

  • Line up the energy

Show up confident, clear-minded, and ready to lead by the clarity of your example.  Your number one priority is always, always to offer aligned energy.  Maintain the connection to the source.  Maintain the connection between YOU and YOU.

  • Know your audience

Your message will only resonate with them if you’re on the same frequency.  Understand where they are and reach them by connecting through emotion.

  • Get clear on the intention

Deliver the message that inspires.  Get crystal clear on the value you’re bringing.
Connect to the intent.

  • Eliminate split energy

Examples of split energy: speaking a message you don’t really believe in.  Supporting an idea that is inconsistent with your values.  Saying what you think others want to hear.

  • Speak from the heart

Messages resonate beautifully when you speak from the heart.

Lastly, if you made it to the end of the article and are still with me, I’m proud of you.  I realize I’m floating abstract concepts to an audience who is largely used to working with concrete models – finance, tech, fintech, VC, and a few other quant-based verticals.  That’s the point – to infuse new energy into these spaces and help leaders like you make an even greater impact.  I want you to know I so appreciate you and your commitment to yourself.

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