Spirit-Inspired Leadership: 5 Beliefs to Embrace Today

Your beliefs drive your life experiences.

It’s not just your thoughts or actions; it’s what you truly believe that dictates your reality.

This is what I mean when I talk about lining up the energy first- making sure your thoughts and actions are aligned with your core beliefs.

This week I thought I’d give you a little peek behind my curtain and show you some of the core beliefs running behind the scenes.

When I cemented these in, my reality started to shift in a huge way.  The right people started showing up at the right time.  New opportunities opened up.  More possibilities were created.

As you read through these, don’t be fooled by the megadose of positivity.  A a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into developing them over the years.  Adversity, setbacks, and challenges were all part of it, but each time, I chose to allow the experience in for my own spiritual growth.

This is what spirituality is to me – the opportunity to craft our own belief system based on our own life experiences.

What you believe is a choice.  And every belief you embody either holds you back or moves you forward.

That said, here are five beliefs that are central to me and who I am:

Life is always working out for me.

I truly believe life is always rigged in my favor.  Regardless of what I’m experiencing, I’m always in the right place at the right time.  While I may not understand it at the time, every disappointment, every loss, every breakup, and every red light play an important part in giving me what’s in my highest good.

My life experiences are lessons.

Every life experience is an opportunity to learn and evolve.  If we look for the opportunity, the lesson, we grow.  If we focus on the negative, we stay stuck.  Furthermore, the other people involved in these lessons are assignments.  Some give us experiences to help us claim our worth.  Some come to help us see the world through new lenses.  Some come to teach us patience.  And lessons repeat until we’ve mastered them.  So the sooner you train your mind to look for the lessons, the faster you grow.

I get more of what I think about.

Life is an echo.  Thoughts are energy, and energy is magnetic.  The universe stacks onto what I put out there.  If I’m thinking thoughts that have low vibration, such as anger, blame, shame, regret, doubt, and fear, I’m going to get more negativity back.  This is why it’s super important to be aware of what you’re thinking about and choose a thought that feels better.

I attract based on how I feel.

The world responds to the way I feel on the inside.  My number one job all day, every day, is to feel better now.  Sure, I experience the same range of emotions everybody else does, but it’s my job to move to a better feeling place so I can attract better.

I can have it all.

I can have it all.  You can have it all.  We can all have it all.  This is not a zero-sum game.   I believe I can do or be or have anything I want.  And it’s way less about elapsed time and way more about becoming a vibrational match.  There’s no limit to the upside we can experience when we learn to harness the laws of the universe.

It’s part of your duty, honor and privilege to develop your own belief system.  And the best place to start is by bringing awareness to where you are.  

This week I’ll ask you to reflect on the following: 

What do YOU believe?

Do some journaling, go for a walk, and see what comes to you.  Have fun with this.

In my coaching, I help my clients craft their belief systems through their life experiences.  When you get really clear on your beliefs and who you are, you radiate an energy that brings you more of what you truly want.

 I’d love to help you, so if you’re ready to do the work, let’s chat.