Client Spotlight: Strengthen Decision-Making Through Spirituality

And next up in our Client Spotlight series, we’re featuring my client Andre.  As you’ll read, Andre is already a highly accomplished C-suite executive and entrepreneur who takes it all to the next level with spirituality. 

This article is studded with so much spiritual wisdom, and as you read it, I invite you to reflect on what resonates with you most.  


Please provide some background on who you are and what you do

Andre is a business-building senior level executive and entrepreneur with a strong finance, strategy, operations, sales, and general management background in startups and large corporations. He created a technology-based business from scratch, while orchestrating and closing investment funding from major firms. He is adept at leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data to achieve a cutting-edge B2C financial service offering.

What does spirituality mean to you?

To me, spirituality signifies a profound connection with both oneself and the greater good. Today, I engaged in a meditation exercise that focused on dismantling the limiting belief that money isn’t spiritual. As a businessman and entrepreneur, I am a firm believer in the Pareto principle, which posits that 80% of the value is created by 20% of the effort. I further believe that this crucial 20% often lies within our unconscious mind—a realm I also categorize as spiritual. Unfortunately, many individuals fail to tap into their unconscious, thereby leaving 80% of their potential results untapped.

And how does spirituality relate to authenticity?

Spirituality and authenticity are deeply interconnected. When we dive into the realm of the unconscious through spirituality, we open ourselves up to our most genuine form. Dreams, for instance, offer an unfiltered and unrestricted view of our reality, reflecting our authenticity in its purest form. This concept is encapsulated by the mantra that resonates deeply with me: “make the unconscious conscious.”

In my personal spiritual journey, I’ve found my spiritual chakra consistently open, a testament to the openness of my true self. Yet, the challenge presents itself in carrying this authenticity from the spiritual or unconscious realm into our conscious, waking life. This transfer is complicated by numerous filters and stakeholders that can distort or suppress our true selves.

Maintaining authenticity, then, becomes a test of resilience in the face of these external pressures. Despite the complexities, it’s vital to remain true to oneself. Spirituality, in this sense, serves as a powerful tool in understanding and expressing our authentic selves in every aspect of our lives.

In what ways has embracing your spirituality impacted your life?

The foundations of my spirituality were laid early in my life, attending Catholic schools from elementary through to high school, and later during my undergraduate studies in a Catholic institution. However, my spiritual journey expanded when I began exploring various religious and non-religious perspectives, sparking a curiosity for practices like yoga and meditation.

My upbringing and schooling were deeply rooted in faith, which has become an integral part of my daily life. Embracing my spirituality has had profound impacts on my life; it serves as an anchor in challenging times and a source of humble gratitude during moments of joy and euphoria. This spiritual grounding helps me maintain calm and focus, no matter what life throws my way.

How has spirituality fueled your business success?

My spirituality is deeply interwoven with every decision I make, directly influencing my approach to business. Reflecting on my previous discussion about Pareto’s principle, spirituality acts as a compass, guiding me in my entrepreneurial journey. As a result, I’ve been able to build a business that has positively impacted the lives of millions of people across the Americas.

In what ways does living in your authentic truth influence the way you lead others?

Living in my authentic truth profoundly influences my leadership style. My ultimate goal is to foster leadership in others and aid them in unlocking their full potential. I’ve witnessed countless talents constrained by limiting beliefs, and in response, I strive to serve as a beacon, guiding others towards their untapped capabilities. By embodying authenticity and demonstrating the power of faith and diligent work, I aim to inspire others, showing them that it’s indeed possible to bring the seemingly impossible to fruition.

Please share one example where you’ve shifted out of fear and into faith?

An example of shifting from fear to faith came when I made the tough decision to leave a company I had built from scratch in a different region, in order to spend more time with my family based in Chicago. I embraced the unknown and the potential for new opportunities, even without having everything perfectly aligned beforehand. This was a clear testament to my faith overpowering my fears, illustrating the transformative power of trust in the face of uncertainty.

In what ways has spirituality helped to create possibilities in your life, personally and professionally?

Spirituality has been a cornerstone in creating possibilities both in my personal and professional life. It has fostered a positive outlook and an openness to new narratives in my life journey. I view every success or failure as a data point, an opportunity to learn, grow, and continually improve myself. Spirituality bolsters my resilience, as it transcends time, providing a constant source of strength and insight regardless of life’s ups and downs.

As a result of embarking on your spiritual journey, what do you notice more of in your life, and what do you notice less of?

Embarking on my spiritual journey has noticeably increased my energy and given me more time for things that truly matter to me. It has allowed me to confidently say ‘no’, reducing the space for energy-draining activities in my life. Further, it has empowered me to ask tough questions and challenge the status quo. As a result, I’ve noticed a decrease in complacency and energy-draining compromises, replaced by an increased sense of purpose and vitality.

What is one piece of spiritual wisdom that you’d like to share with other business leaders?

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” President John Quincy Adams

What part of Andre’s story did you connect with?  I’d love to hear.  

Reach out if you want to learn some ideas for incorporating spirituality into your life.  I’d love to help you so you can enjoy all the benefits my clients enjoy.