Episode 97: Trust and Be True To Yourself with Victoria Gallagher

How do you live authentically? What does living authentically look like to you? 

Victoria Gallagher, an expert on living authentically, starts her day by waking up every day at 5 or 6 in the morning. Her daily morning routine kick starts with her morning meditation and then hypnosis. How does this help Victoria? Meditation and hypnosis helps to set her intention for the day, what the day is going to be about, and how she wants to be. 

Victoria is always in a place of growing and working on herself because when you work on yourself it provides a context for others. You set intentions for people to be authentic and vulnerable to work on themselves. She advocates in being more true to herself and speaking truth and speaking her word. 

This podcast is the perfect guidance and toolkit when personal growth and growing with your significant other is part of your values. We have to learn to detach from outcomes and not force things that are not meant for us. Or as Pamela and Victoria put it into great terms, “Letting the chips fall where they may.” 

The main features of this podcast brings light to detachment, trust, vulnerability, and relationships. How do you detach? How do you know when you’re too attached to something? Victoria explains that detachment has been a big theme. When you’re attached to anything, that is the exact reason why you, or we, don’t have the things that we want. This creates resistance in having what you want. You start losing control of yourself and your reality. 

Sounds easier said than done right? This is where you have to trust. Trust the process. A great mantra to follow, “Let go, trust, and continue to visualize the reality you want.”

What about all that chatter in your mind? Are there times where you feel like you may be losing control of yourselves from certain thoughts? Victoria has the solution for that. Take time to meditate. Focus on one word or a mantra. Focus on your breathing or the sensations running through your body. Focus on something that works for you. 

Listen to Pamela and Victoria tackle the battles of detachment, the benefits of being vulnerable, and how you can grow your relationship with your partner. 

If you need a little push, this is the push you need. Whether you’re currently in the pursuit of self-growth or need somewhere to start your journey, you’re in the right place. 

Let the universe take control. Be 100% present to right now.