Your Power Is In the NOW

Do you ever find yourself deferring your happiness? 

Do you ever find yourself fixating on future payoffs, to the point where you totally turn a blind eye to how you’re feeling in the moment?

Do you ever tell yourself you’ll be happy down the road when some external condition is met?

You see, we’re used to doing life according to the “future payoff” model.  The idea is that we’re supposed to just suck it up and deal with whatever struggles or hardships and do whatever it takes to reach our goal.  Parts of that model may serve you – but many parts do not.  

There’s usually a not-so-insignificant hidden cost lurking in the shadows – it usually comes at the expense of our well-being, and relationships that are important to us can take a huge hit.

The “reaching for more” piece can take on a life of its own if we don’t intentionally direct our focus and harness our power in the NOW.

And that model has emotional underpinnings, even if it’s not recognized on a conscious level.  The reason you want what you want is that you think you’ll feel better when you get there.

But if you haven’t trained yourself to feel good along the way, what makes you think that you’re going to feel good when you get there?  Because by that point, you’re going to be wanting something more and thinking you’ll be happy when you get there.

What if I told you that there’s a different way?  A way that empowers you to step into your fullest potential.

Here’s the secret:  Understanding that your power is in the NOW.

Focus on the payoff in the moment.

Do something that makes you feel good right now.

Do that which you’re inspired to do, not only what you feel obligated to do.

This doesn’t mean that we throw our dreams and goals to the wind. It’s about learning to show up fully present and immersed in inspiration, and trusting that path will lead you to outcomes that are at least as good as, and in most cases, better than what you could have envisioned for yourself.

When we harness our power in the now, we become deliberate creators with the universe.  It’s only through intentionally inviting the universe to work with us that we’re able to create without limitation.  

This week, try focusing on the payoff NOW.  Pay attention to how you feel in the moment, and consciously choose a thought or activity that makes you feel good.

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