Episode 98: Your life. Your choice. Your dream. – with Kandis James

Are you living your life with no regrets? The bigger question is how do you live your life with no regrets?

Author, podcast host, life and success coach, and leader of the YOLO Revolution Kandis James sets a great example for living a life with no regrets. Everyday Kandis likes to, “practice what I preach”. One of the ways that Kandis likes to make sure she is living the life that SHE wants is to do best to live the life that she would be happy with if she knew she was going to die tomorrow. It may sound like  a dark and scary idea, but to live everyday as if it were your last… it is a genius way to really make you think, “What would I do?” 

So what was the catalyst in Kandis’ life that made her take a turn towards authenticity? A former employee from a private medical company working a 9-5 job wasn’t fulfilling Kandis. Internally she felt unfulfilled and working a regular 9 to 5 job was not the life for her. 

Kandis wanted to travel, specifically to Thailand. Traveling to Thailand had become just a dream, but what was really stopping her from going? Ego. Her ego was telling her that she couldn’t travel because of all the reasons that her mind had given her. An interesting perspective to look at is you wake up to what you choose. Every day and every moment we have a choice that brings us towards what we want to do or away from. 

A guy Kandis had met online was the reason why she decided enough was enough. Although they only met once for a date, it took one person to really impact the way she chose to live her life. 

Fast forward to 18 months, Kandis sold her apartment, packed her things up and Thailand had become her home for 5 years. A few months turned into 5 years! 

How you choose to live your life should be your decision. Kandis pointed out that we have the power to create what truly lights us up. Ego is noise that you choose to believe or choose to change. Fear, in Kandis’ view, is often a sign of something you really have to do. It might not always turn out the way you hoped it would, but at least you tried. 

Allow yourself to dream. Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve been wanting to do. 

Your life, your choice, your dream.