Episode 99: What is Your Intuition Telling You? With Dolores Hirschmann

Everyone of us has a certain intuition that tells us something is wrong or that we should be pursuing a thought. This intuition could be your gut. It could be the word of God. Or it could be something else that tells you if something is off. 

Dolores Hirschmann’s intuition is her stomach ache and tightness in her chest. When Dolores notices this feeling in her, she sees this as a message to pay attention and get curious. She tries to figure out what the message is. What is her body telling her?

Dolores used to live fast with the to-do list she has on her daily. She practices everyday what her goal and her intention is. To do that she check’s in first and then does what she needs to do. She tries to check-in with herself. Checking in with oneself is a good first step into knowing what our goal is. What our intention is. 

Over time Dolores has learned that her gut is the strongest, faithful, and smartest part of her. Meaning her body reacts when she is not aligned with the truth. Alignment. What does that look like? As Dolores defined, alignment is to be able to be present in the moment. 

As Pamela and Dolores dive deeper into their conversation, vulnerability becomes the word of the moment. What is vulnerability? Why should you make yourself vulnerable? Simply put, Dolores believes that vulnerability is not seen as the absence of fear. Rather it’s courage to be able to bring down the facade and put yourself in a place where you don’t know the outcome but the experience is worth it. 

It’s easy to think that we can all be vulnerable but the truth of the matter is that we’re not always letting ourselves be vulnerable. One could think if it’s even worth letting ourselves be vulnerable. Why would someone want to put themselves in that position? To be connected. In broader terms, connection requires vulnerability. 

No spoilers, we promise! How does one tap into their intuition? How do we let the universe take control and do its thing so we can get what we long for? Watch as Pamela and Dolores discuss the ideas of why vulnerability is something we need to do, why we should trust our intuition, whatever that may be, and how to let our subconscious stop from making the decision for us.