Episode 96: Realigning Your Life for a Deeper Purpose with Geoff Fitch

Geoff Fitch is the creator of Pacific Integral, a transformative climate advocacy that begins in January 2022. He has worked as a life coach, therapist, teacher and facilitator for 20 years. In this episode, we discuss life experiences, shifting into who we really are, and why fear is the fuel behind growth. 

Geoff says the key to living authentically is truthfulness. He works hard to be truthful with himself, with others and with life. He has spent years fine tuning things in his life that are in alignment, and those that are not. 

Earlier in his life, Geoff worked as a manager in the engineering technology world. Major life events happened that forced him to shift into who he really is. He was always interested in the bigger picture – what we are doing here, what this world really is, etc. The seeds for his life were planted early, but he had to accept change in order to grow. He shifted into this work and realigned his life to live from a deeper purpose. The universe makes circumstances for us to act as opportunities so we see the world in new lenses. When you look back and connect the dots, it really does leave clues to what we are really here to do. 

Geoff says that there is a process of waking up and evolving and becoming a higher being – a more awake, conscious, ethical, loving person. When the conditions are right it naturally flourishes in people. In his experience, the more you get to know someone, there is a natural expression of our evolving nature. “I like to listen to people and listen to those impulses and witness it – we are here to express our higher nature,” he says. 

We spent a lot of time discussing the importance of fear. Geoff says that you have to step into what’s next. There is a natural time for change. Respect the fear because change does have an impact and it takes time to come into it. Going through the process takes time. It can be really helpful to understand change and talk to people who have been through it and how they navigated it. Our culture is not set up to help us go through growth. We have this old narrative that says we have to go to school, go through marriage, have kids, and have a career through it all, and then retire. The framework for adult development is not always accurate for reality. We need to be taught that we don’t have to fear the fear. The fear is meat to help us grow and evolve. What is the worst that can happen? Fear is just made up. Fear is actually fuel. 

Check out Geoff’s work at http://www.pacificintegral.com and https://www.facebook.com/pacificintegral