Episode 78: Your Invitation to a Co-Creative Space with Zeus Yiamouyiannis

We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Zeus Yiamouyiannis to our show. He specializes in transformational counseling, emotional and spiritual well-being and helping his clients develop spiritual confidence. Are you excited? We certainly are. 

Zeus’s background in education—he has a Ph.D. from Syracuse University and three decades of experience—gives him added insight and aids him in turning ideas and concepts into tangible, practical actions. He’s here today to discuss co-creativity and how you can live a more co-creative life.

What Is Co-Creativity?

Right now, we’re living in an era of what Zeus refers to as transcendent hyperindividualism. By that, he means we’re divided from other people in a way that causes conflict rather than healthy individuality, particularly when it comes to gender. 

In a co-creative space, two groups aren’t pitted against one another. However, they don’t lose what makes them unique by becoming one homogenous group either. Instead, co-creativity means the differences between the two groups serve to enhance them both. As a result, co-creative spaces are productive, creative and positive. 

Advice for Moving Toward Co-Creativity

As with any transformation, shifting toward co-creativity is a process. It’s not something that’s going to happen overnight, and that’s okay. Zeus offers some advice: change doesn’t have to be work, and feelings aren’t problems to solve.

He’ll discuss far more during today’s episode, and we can’t wait for you to hear what he has to say, but let’s expand on those ideas right now.

If you’ve been a long-time listener of the Live Authentically podcast, you know that many of our guests discuss how to frame change in a more positive light. When you accept opportunities for change rather than resisting and attempting to stay the same, you’re following the flow of the world, and it’s not as challenging. 

Now, what about the idea of not trying to “solve” your feelings? It’s tempting to try, especially when you’re feeling guilt, shame, anger or other negative emotions. You can’t, though, and treating your feelings like issues will only exacerbate that negativity. Instead, give yourself the time and space to acknowledge your feelings. 

If what Zeus discusses today resonates with you and you’d like more information, you can visit his website. He has a ton of great resources, including a free ebook. In addition, he has a separate site dedicated to learning to transform your place as part of a community and society, which you may also enjoy. Thank you for joining us today!