Kick off your week on Sunday night

I love weekends because they are filled with lots of family time, rest, and relaxation, and are generally less structured and hurried than my weekdays.  While I like to spend as much time as possible soaking it up, I find that my weeks go smoother and I’m much more productive if I carve out some time on Sunday to dedicate to planning my week.  When I do that, I’m ready to hit the ground running on Monday morning because I’m launching my week from an empowered place.  I also dedicate some time to self-care to make sure I’m keeping my pitcher full.  

Here are some ideas for self-care and setting yourself up for success in the coming week:

Stock the fridge with high-nutrient foods

Before my grocery store run, I spend some time meal-planning and choose some healthy nutritious and delicious weeknight meals to make.

  • Grocery shopping – stock up on nutritious ingredients
  • Food prep – spend time cutting up fresh fruits and veggies so you have healthy go-to snacks to grab on the run

Get organized for the next day

  • Prepare lunches and snacks
  • Pack bags (e.g. activity bags, gym bags) and put near door
  • Put any outgoing paperwork or mail by the door

Master to-do list

I always have a running master to-do list handy that contains the following categories, and refer to it during my calendar/scheduling time (below).

  • Errands
  • Calls
  • Around the house
  • Shopping/online ordering

Calendar and Scheduling

The first thing I do before I look at my calendar for the week is revisiting my personal and professional initiatives, and make conscious decisions about what I want to and need to schedule time for in the coming week.  I’ve listed a few categories to consider as design your week:

  • Exercise
  • Self-care  
  • Recreation     
  • Errands     
  • Paperwork     
  • Connections (staying in touch with friends and family)
  • Meetings
  • Rest/relaxation


I always dedicate some time to self-care in the evenings.  My routine promotes restful sleep and ensures that I’m giving my body the nurturing it needs and deserves.

  • Epsom salt bath
  • Facial mask
  • Exfoliate skin
  • Prepare your bedroom for optimal sleep
    • Essential oil diffuser – Lavender is my favorite calming scent
    • Eliminate screen time – turn off phones, computers, TVs, and other electronic devices
    • Turn off lights and close window treatments
    • Turn down the thermostat and/or open a window to let cool air in
  • Herbal tea – Enjoy a calming tea during your Sunday night routine
  • Turmeric “tea” – Turmeric has numerous health benefits. I dissolve 1 teaspoon of turmeric in hot water and add some black pepper, which activates the turmeric.
  • Get in bed!  I love to unwind with my journal and notepad, and jot down whatever comes to mind.  This is a great time to reflect on the prior week, practice gratitude, and revisit the ways in which you are nourishing your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Review to-do list for the week
  • Cozy up with a book
  • Journal
  • Meditation before bed – You can either listen to a guided meditation or meditate on your own.  This is a great time to practice visualizing the reality you want to create for yourself.

If you live with other people such as a partner or children, enlist their help with any or all of the above.  It’s always more fun to do what we love with those we love.