Your Intuition is Your Most Valuable Asset

The topic for this week’s newsletter was inspired by the iconic country singer Kenny Rogers.  Do you recognize this well-known song with a catchy tune and profound message?

“Every gambler knows

That the secret to survivin’

Is knowin’ what to throw away

And knowin’ what to keep”

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em

Know when to walk away

And know when to run”

If you guessed “The Gambler” you’re right.  And now you very well may be singing it the rest of the day.

While Kenny Rogers may have been talking in the gambling sense, these words of wisdom certainly apply more broadly to life.

Do you know when to hold ‘em? When to fold em’? When to walk away?  And when to run?  If not, it’s okay.  In this article, I’m going to give you five ways to bolster your most valuable asset, your intuition.

We all have an internal guidance system that lights the way to our truth.  It’s called our intuition, and it’s the language of our soul.  It doesn’t speak in words, it speaks in feelings.

We live in a culture that conditions us to try to control our circumstances and avoid adversity at all costs.  The challenges with that approach are many:  it’s exhausting, stressful, and keeps us stuck in fear.

When we truly live in the space of faith, trust, and surrender, we know that all we really need to do is relax and trust the process.  We don’t have to have it all figured out right now;  we just have to do what our intuition is telling us is best for us right now.  We just need to trust in our deep knowingness.

The best things in life don’t come to us when we’re stressing, overthinking, worrying, and constantly planning.  In fact, that’s when we pinch ourselves off from what’s truly in our highest good.

The things that are in our highest good come when we’re relaxed instead of fearful, when we allow instead of control,  when we accept instead of resist and when we trust instead of fear.

There are so many ways to enhance your intuition, and I thought I’d give you this little starter kit of five practical things you could try this week:

1. Spend time in solitude

We’re accustomed to being surrounded by others – whether it is family, friends, workgroups, special interest groups, sports groups.  And while it’s important to connect meaningfully with others, we must also carve time out to spend by ourselves.  It doesn’t have to be a lonely proposition, it can be very peaceful and introspective.

Start by spending small amounts of time by yourself, and gradually increase as you become more comfortable with it.

2. Take a walk in nature

Nature harbors the highest vibrations in the universe and is filled with awe-inspiring beauty in every direction.  Nature paths offer a departure from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and give us an opportunity to get to know ourselves at a deeper level.

Try to spend a little time outside each day, and keep your eye out for what you notice around you and within you.

3. Pay attention to how you feel

Getting really comfortable with what your mind, body and spirit is communicating to you is always a good idea.  Fast-paced everyday life often keeps us disconnected from who we are and how we feel, and we must intentionally step away from time to time to pay attention to how we’re feeling.

How do you feel when you need to make a decision? How do you feel around certain people? Do regular check-ins with yourself throughout the day and identify how you’re feeling, and see if you can tell if your intuition is pointing you in a different direction.

4. Meditate

Spend a few minutes each day as a silent observer of your thoughts. Just sit in a quiet place, free of distractions, and allow yourself to just be.  

5. Creative endeavors

Creative endeavors have a way of silencing the cognitive mind and allowing us to hear our soul speak. There are so many different ways to express yourself creatively – drawing, singing, dancing, painting, writing, photography, cooking, and the list goes on. Try something new this week.

The chatter in your mind may lead to overthinking that leads you down the wrong path, but your intuition will never lead you astray. 

When you rely on your intuition, you are allowing your soul to guide you to your answers, your truth, where there is unlimited abundance, peace, faith, love and joy. Trust your intuition, the process and the timing of your life.

If you would like more guidance on how to run your life from an intuitive place, grab a time for a call with me here: