Episode 46: Reconnecting to Your Authentic Voice with Sydney Weiss

Coping with pain and discomfort is difficult for anyone. How do we see the positive aspects of overwhelming situations? How can we be kinder to ourselves and allow ourselves to grow? Podcast host and joy-seeking expert, Sydney Weiss, says you have to start before you’re ready. 

For the past few years, Sydney has been on a journey of self-growth and happiness. After years of not living as her true authentic self, she decided to embrace life and find joy in every situation that came her way. What’s the key to moving toward being your best self? Sydney says it’s all up to you.

For her, it started while she was in the process of becoming a lawyer. Just before graduating, she was suffering from shingles and in a lot of pain. After failing to pass the bar exam the first time, she felt like she was a rock bottom. That overwhelm and stress was a trigger for her to start being kinder to herself. 

After graduation, Sydney started journaling. She wrote daily entries of how she was feeling and why. She also started sitting in front of the mirror, saying things like “I am worthy” and “I deserve happiness”. While uncomfortable at first, she slowly gained confidence in herself. After a nine-month transformative journey, she was able to pass the bar exam and become a lawyer.

Sydney was inspired to talk to others and help through similar experiences, which is why she started the “Seek the Joy” podcast. Her podcast aims to showcase ways to find happiness and love in any situation, especially during a pandemic. 

Starting Before You’re Ready

She says the key to finding happiness in yourself is starting the journey before you’re ready. Don’t wait for a traumatic event to happen or a sign from the Universe. No matter when you start on that journey, it’s going to be uncomfortable. However, you will be better off on the other side of the journey no matter what. 

At the end of today’s show, Sydney shares some words of wisdom. She says to trust that you will be okay and that challenges and discomfort are there for a reason. You deserve happiness. Embrace self-worth! Listen to Sydney’s podcast by going to her website, where she posts weekly episodes highlighting stories of growth, happiness, wellness and spirituality. Keep up with her on Facebook and Instagram.