3 Powerful Ways to Adopt a Growth-based Mindset

I’m going to kick this off with an excerpt from by book SOAR:

“Everything in the world, from everyday items to momentous movements, started small. It started with one thought. One thought in one person’s mind. I’ve always found this concept fascinating. Think about it for a moment… one thought in one person’s mind became equal rights for all. One thought in one person’s mind is the reason iPhones are ubiquitous. One thought in one person’s mind produced the piece of furniture you’re sitting on. You get the idea.”   

Why did I decide to start with this quote?  

Because I want you to know how incredibly powerful our thoughts, and our mindset are. Mindset is everything. Thoughts are where it all begins.  

Read on to learn how adopting a growth-based mindset can change your life. 

Why Is It Important to Have a Growth-based Mindset?

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to adopt a growth-based mindset, but here are my top three:

We Feel Better  

Growth is all-encompassing, and when we commit to growth in one area of our lives, it often flows into other areas of our lives. It doesn’t take long before we begin to enjoy the benefits of experiencing growth. All aspects of us – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are all interrelated, and as we work on one area of our lives, we often feel the pull to improve other areas too. As we make investments in ourselves across the board, we find that we have more energy, feel more peaceful and are more empowered. 

We Attract Better

A growth-based mindset raises our vibration, and when we raise our vibration, we attract higher vibrations. We attract thoughts, experiences and people with higher vibrations. All of these work together to enhance the quality of our human experience. We begin to enjoy life from a much deeper level and find more purpose, depth and meaning.

We Evolve Faster  

Maintaining a growth-based mindset is a soul-based endeavor. Our souls are concerned with growth and transformation, and it is precisely this mindset that facilitates our evolution. When we challenge ourselves to choose growth each day, we progress through the levels of evolution faster and eventually achieve enlightenment.

3 Powerful Ways to Adopt a Growth-based Mindset

Here are three simple yet powerful ways to start adopting a growth-based mindset.  

Ditch the Comparison Mindset  

In any area of life, before we make way for the new, we must clear out what doesn’t serve us. In SOAR, I warn my readers of the perils of a comparison mindset and show why it doesn’t serve us.  Here’s an excerpt:

“It’s so easy to get mired down in negative thought patterns when we compare ourselves to others. This world is a vast place, and I guarantee you that you won’t have to look very far to find someone who you think is prettier, wealthier or fitter than you are. That’s an extremely dangerous place to go because of the self-defeating, self-deprecating nature of these thoughts.  Negative thoughts breed more negative thoughts, and before you know it you’re in a downward spiral feeling fearful, doubtful, defeated and mentally and emotionally exhausted.”

I’ve found that the most effective way to circumvent this pattern is to put on the blinders. Ignore what everyone else has or is doing, and do you. Making the conscious decision to abandon the “comparison mindset” takes some “rewiring,” but it is a total game-changer.

Stay in Your Own Lane

The spiritual journey is an individual path. Yes, we live in a world where we are surrounded by others and involved in various relationships, but it is important to remember that we each have our own purpose, and our own lessons to learn. Focus on what you have right in front of you, and give others space and the grace to focus on their life. Our energy is best directed when we are appreciating what we have in our lives and making efforts to improve ourselves.

Change the Dialogue You Have with Yourself

Keep your narrative positive, and based. Here are some ideas you can start working into your dialogue:

  • I’m doing the best I can.
  • Is this for my highest good?
  • What can I learn from this?
  • Why is this triggering me?
  • Does this move me forward?
  • “I’m in repair. I’m not together, but I’m getting there.” (I have to drop in a John Mayer lyric every once in a while!)
  • Does this enhance my life in some way?

When you commit to a growth-based mindset, you open yourself up to an entirely new dimension. Life becomes sweeter and flows with ease. You feel more peaceful, empowered and energized.  My wish for you is that you enjoy all of the abundance the Universe has in store for you. When you are ready to take your journey to the next level, I am here to guide you.