Episode 40: Bridging the Gap Between Mom and Entrepreneur with Jessie Harris Bouton

Motherhood and entrepreneurship rarely go hand in hand, but why shouldn’t they? Business coach, former professional racecar driver and mompreneur, Jessie Harris Bouton has the tools you need to balance your business and home life to become a successful mompreneur.

Jessie grew up as an only child in upstate New York. Like many only children, she struggled to find her place in the world and had trouble fitting in. After her father’s sudden death when she was 11, Jessie felt lost and confused as she had to grow up fast to help her mom cope with grief. Throughout her teenage years, she struggled with knowing what she wanted to do, also knowing that she could not afford to go to college. 

When Jessie graduated high school, she had two goals in mind: Being a mom and a professional racecar driver, both of which she accomplished! Jessie started racing at a young age but had to fight her way into the male-dominated racing world. After five years of searching for a racing team to accept her, she was finally offered a spot much to the surprise of her male teammates. Jessie won her first race and eventually helped her team become the leader in their racing division. 

After five years of racing, Jessie retired to start a family. She fulfilled her second dream of becoming a mom but also came to realize a lot about herself. After the birth of her second child, she fell into a deep depression. She was struggling to find purpose for herself since most of her energy was going towards helping others. She did not know what she wanted to do, but knew things needed to change for her to be happy. After asking God for advice, the book A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren flew off her bookshelf, as if it was asking her to read it. The book changed her life and things started to get back on track. 

Jessie went through six-weeks of reprioritizing her life, which included weight loss, time management and finding more time to spend with her husband. She also discovered a way that she could help others through skills she learned in her racing days. In addition to driving, Jessie gained a lot of knowledge about marketing, sales and advertising, leading her to become a certified life coach with the goal of helping female entrepreneurs grow their businesses. 

For the past six years, Jessie has worked to help fellow moms and women entrepreneurs find purpose in their personal and professional lives. She continues to work with clients on brand development, organic marketing and sales. She emphasizes finding ways to work smarter and implement systems, to have time to spend with family while making money. Overall, Jessie’s message is, if you have something you are passionate about, go all in and the results will come. 

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