How To View Spirituality As An Individual Journey

Bloom in Your Own Season

This last week, I sat outside on my cousin’s deck in sunny Southern California, when I found myself drawn to a newly-bloomed, bright, fuchsia rose. I admired nature, marveling at how flowers all bloom in their own season. All we have to do is sit back and observe. The spiritual journey is much the same. We are all flowers, blooming in our own season. This article will give you some ideas for starting to embrace the truth that spirituality is an individual journey.

Be on Your Own Individual Journey

We’re accustomed to operating within groups – families, work groups, clubs, study groups, teams, and the list goes on. We make many decisions based on how it will affect other members of the group, sometimes at the expense of our own happiness and fulfillment. Human relationships are what make life beautiful, but can add a layer of complexity, as we balance what is best for us with the effect it has on everyone else.

The best gift we can give ourselves and others is the gift of aligning to our Higher Self by staying fiercely focused on our own personal growth and transformation, and letting others follow their own path. My life began to change radically when I embraced the truth that spirituality is an individual journey. Most noteworthy, I found that my life went from feeling complex to feeling simplified. I released judgement, no longer concerned about how others perceived me.

I conditioned myself to continually say “Universe, show me what is in my highest good.” My most sacred commitment is staying aligned with who I am, and I have the trust-filled knowingness that the the universe is always conspiring to deliver what is in my highest good, and it is doing the same for others as well.

Respect Others’ “Blooming” Time-frames

The best thing we can do for each other is to become a silent observer in others’ realities. By jumping in and continually trying to rescue others, we may actually be hindering others’ growth rather than enhancing it. Well-meaning advice and well-intentioned gestures may be interrupting someone’s individual internal process. More than likely, we will impede the natural flow of growth and transformation.

Just as flowers in nature bloom during their own season, individuals also bloom according to their individual time-frames.

If we try to accelerate the blooming of a rose by prying the petals open, we’ll ruin it.

We must give nature the space and the license to allow things to bloom naturally, and must also allow others to bloom and grow according to their own time-frame. All we need to do is sit back, relax, observe, and trust nature and the Universe.

I hope you have a growth-filled week! Click here to learn more about how I can help you on your individual journey.