Episode 41: The Importance of Meaningful Conversations with Jeff Krisman

What is the true meaning of consciousness? How do we break out of our comfort zone and open ourselves up to more than just ourselves? How vital are conversations for our well-being? Podcast host and mindfulness expert, Jeff Krisman explains how consciousness, conversations and mindfulness helped him realize his true potential and how they can help you. 

Jeff is the host of three different podcasts — yes, three! The Mindful Coping podcast explores how mindfulness helps Jeff get through life’s many challenges. The Inspiring Conversations podcast allows Jeff to talk with artists, business owners and community leaders about their impact in their local communities. The ONEConsciousness Deep Conversations podcast features practitioners and spiritual leaders and how their teachings help us understand consciousness. 

As a sufferer of chronic depression, Jeff has been on a spiritual journey for most of his adult life and has learned various ways to increase his self-esteem. Growing up in a suburban, Jewish household, Jeff did not focus much on religion and spirituality. As he approached adulthood, he longed for a spiritual connection. He started learning about the Torah and working with the Orthodox Jewish community. 

As he learned more about spirituality, he began asking himself, why am I here? What is my purpose? His curiosity led him to ancient Eastern philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism and the teachings of Ram Das. He started to learn about practicing mindfulness and how consciousness goes beyond our thoughts and feelings. 

Jeff has always struggled with self-esteem issues and the feeling of inadequacy. Practicing mindfulness exercises such as meditation and journaling allowed him to see his own worth. His definition of consciousness changed as well. Consciousness is more than just ourselves. It is a collective collection of everyone’s perspective. 

How did Jeff start his podcasts? It all started from his journal. Jeff started journaling to track his progress in practicing mindfulness, which led to voice recordings. As he got more comfortable recording himself, he decided to start The Mindful Coping podcast. His other two podcasts came from his desire to meet new people and enhance his conversation skills. 

Talking to people and being vulnerable has always been a struggle for Jeff, so his podcast became a way for him to step outside his comfort zone and meet inspiring people. He continues to host podcasts on a regular basis and practices mindfulness every day. 

Listen to The Mindful Coping podcast, The Inspiring Conversations podcast and the ONEConsciousness Deep Conversations podcast. They are also available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. Want to work with Jeff? Shoot him an email at jkrisman@icloud.com for a chance to be featured on a podcast.