Spiritually Radiant is the New Happy

We all know them…people who have this vibe about them that you can’t quite put into words.  They’re effervescent. They overflow with positivity, have limitless energy and charge forward with boundless enthusiasm. They’re uber confident.  They’re magnetic – people are naturally drawn to them.  They just do their thing and let the world observe – because they’re on a mission and nothing is stopping them. They’re always trying new things, and crushing them.  They are so solid in their faith and know that they’ll be fine regardless of the outcome.  They may even seem superhuman at times. This article will give you five ways to get your spiritual glow on, to become spiritually radiant.

Discovering Spiritual Radiance

At first you think a person is happy, and then you realize it’s a whole different level.  You realize they’re radiant.  Spiritually radiant.

Spiritual radiance is an unmistakable glow, from the inside out.

It looks good from the outside, but more importantly, it feels amazing on the inside.  When we’re spiritually radiant, we exude positive energy and cast our high vibes into the world.

So how exactly do you spiritually glow up you’re wondering? 

It is accomplished by creating a lifestyle that prioritizes YOU.

Glowing up spiritually is all about vibration.  It’s all about investing in yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The key is to commit to expansion, and in every moment ask yourself “Does this move me forward?” “Does this help me to grow?” 

My book SOAR discusses this spiritual “glow up” in the chapter called Spiritual Alignment.  Here is an excerpt:

“There are lots of fancy-schmancy metaphysical definitions of spiritual alignment, but mine is simply feeling amazing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  It requires a healthy dose of self-awareness coupled with a mega-dose of creativity and open-mindedness.  

The exciting part is that every moment of every day presents us with the opportunity to choose alignment.  Alignment doesn’t happen by accident; it’s something that we consciously strive for in every moment of every day.  Like anything else, the more you practice it, the better you become.  Before too long, it becomes second-nature and being aligned will be the underlying motivating factor and you will intrinsically and effortlessly choose thoughts and activities that support your alignment.”

#1 Seek Joy

Find your happy place, and stay there.  Do what makes you feel excited. Do what makes you feel like a kid again.  Surround yourself with your favorite people.  Listen to music.  Express yourself creatively.  Move your body.  Laugh.  Eat food that feeds your soul.  Smile at everyone.  Perform acts of kindness.  Whatever it is that brings you joy, do more of that. 

Joy is one of the highest vibrations of the universe.  When we operate from that place, we will naturally attract more joy into our lives.

#2 Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Constantly be looking for ways to improve yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Any time you are investing in yourself, you are raising your vibration.   Loving yourself comes in many forms, and Chapter 17 of my book SOAR discusses the importance of self-care and self-love:

“Self-care is a subset of self-love and incorporates activities that involve nurturing your mind, body and spirit.  Examples of self-care include exercising, eating healthily, sleeping, meditation and journaling.  Self-love is more expansive and requires us to embrace much deeper concepts so that we may illuminate all aspects of ourselves, both the light and the dark.  It calls us to take a close look at the current version of ourselves through the lens of acceptance, forgiveness, grace and compassion.  It is not until we do this that we will be positioned to bring the best version of ourselves into the world and unleash our full potential.”

#3 Express Appreciation

Committing to an attitude of gratitude is key.  In order to attract more amazingness into our reality, we must first express appreciation for the many blessings we have in our life.  Even in the most challenging situations, we must encourage ourselves to be grateful.  

Here is a quote from SOAR that reinforces the importance of gratitude:

“Several years ago, I heard someone say that there is always something to be grateful for.  It is a relatively common thing to say, but I thought to myself, “Really?!?  Even when you’re struggling to make sense of a situation?  Even when you’re in the midst of pain?” Believe it or not, the old adage is correct.  Times like that are, in fact, the best times to articulate what you are grateful for.  The exercise forces you to reframe the situation.  It forces you out of a mindset of “lacking” into a mindset of abundance.  It raises your vibration instantly.  Tying back into how the Law of Attraction works, it is precisely the pathway through which we will attract more positivity and bring things to be grateful for into our existence.”

#4 Say No

We need to let go of anything that weighs us down and prevents us from expanding.  These include “healthy disconnections” – removing ourselves from relationships with others who do not share our same values and who do not enrich our lives in some way.

It includes releasing bad habits, addictions, compulsions.  Disengaging from behaviors that do not play a role in our expansion affords us more time and energy to dedicate to experiences that propel us forward. 

#5 Sky-High Standards

Know your worth.  People who are spiritually radiant hold themselves in high regard.  They understand that they are worthy of the best that life has to offer, and they hold out for it.  They know that they need to keep the space open for mind-blowing, rather than clutter it up with mediocre.  When you broadcast the spirit of high value, others will respond to your declaration and will start to treat you as high value.

Get really clear on your standards, and get comfortable with communicating your standards to others.  Let them know what works for you and what doesn’t, and then they can make the choice whether or not they will rise up and meet you where you are.

The path to becoming spiritually radiant is an amazing journey. Your whole world will start to transform when you take steps toward becoming spiritually radiant.  Remember, it all starts with you.  Don’t wait for your world to shift before you feel amazing;  you have to shift into spiritual radiance first.  You’ll feel amazing on the inside. Your vibration is what creates your reality.  You’ll attract other spiritually radiant people. It is from the place of spiritual radiance that you will live out your full potential.  You’ll realize your dreams.  You’ll discover your purpose and inspire others to do the same.  And the best part…you’ll have fun along the way.  You’ve got this!