Episode 19: Reframing Thoughts & Perspective to Achieve Success with Beth McCormack

In today’s world, putting on our masks before heading out the door has become part of our everyday routine. These physical masks have actually turned into a trend of sorts with unique colors, styles, patterns, materials, and more. If you think about it, we’ve all worn “masks” throughout our lives, others just couldn’t physically see them. The way we have been trained is to act, look, and play the part whether it be at home, school, and/or work, and do it to meet the demands of others. To Beth, living authentically has had to be reframed throughout her life due to the nature of her professional career, but she still believes in getting up everyday, showing up, and having morals and values. 

Beth McCormack, a successful family law attorney with over 20 years of experience serves as a client advocate for those considering and/or are experiencing divorce. A few years into her practise, Beth realized that her professional career was growing in success, but her personal and emotional self had started to decline. “I was coming home to my daughter in the evenings feeling not so good about what I had done earlier in the day.” 

Beth joined a Christian ministry training series through her Church who walk with people going through any sort of grieving process. This became a pivotal point not only in her personal journey toward self-realization, but also with her professional practise. 

It was through this walk that Beth realized she needed to take off her work “mask” and look at things more holistically. “My new approach became more about helping my clients achieve their goals versus just winning cases. It became a more emotion based collaboration where it also became my job to just listen and provide perspective as I walk with each client through their divorce journey.”

If you are, or have, experienced that feeling of defeat after a day on the job because your professional responsibilities don’t fully align with your personal happiness or success, join Pam Savino on Tuesday, June 16th as she interviews Beth McCormack to discuss how changing and reframing our thoughts and perspective from any topic or situation can completely create calm in what could otherwise be chaos.