Episode 18 – Finding Conscious Control Using Chaos with Clarissa Thompson

It isn’t until we are faced with the realities of the unknown or uncomfortable chaos that can be life, that we are able to really begin to identify our authentic selves. For Clarissa Thompson, her journey started when she realized that her lifelong battle with introversion and insecurity was either going to break her, or change her. It was at that moment that she took a leap of faith, stepping out of her comfort zone, and attended a local yoga class, led by her English teacher. “The thing that really hooked me was that she linked our movement to the world and she ended each practise with a mantra I’ve carried with me ever since – Live like the Lotus at home and in the muddy water.”

Clarissa grew up self-conscious, anxious, and doubted her ability to be strong. “I didn’t know how to act in a way that made me feel confident.” That’s when she submitted to her inner self, and let her yoga journey completely transform her. Fast forward 13 years, Clarissa not only found conscious control of her mind, body, and self, but she realized those moments of chaos and uncomfort were actually creating space for her inner clarity.

Clarissa found her authentic self and now teaches others how to find their authentic self control through chaos. 

Join us as we discuss how Yoga transformed Clarissa Thompson’s life, one practice at a time.