Spirit-Inspired Leadership: Vulnerability

When you hear the word vulnerable, what comes to mind?

Do you associate it with weakness or strength?

If you’re looking to take your leadership skills to a whole new level, consider making vulnerability a priority.

First off, why?

Let’s back up for a moment.  I’ll break this down for you.

We’ve already established that as a leader, you’re here to influence.

Your greatest power of influence is in your alignment.

Your alignment is accomplished through a consistent, committed effort to personal growth and transformation.

Growth and transformation are only made possible through a willingness to be vulnerable.

Without the willingness to be vulnerable, the impact you’ll be able to make is limited.

I mean, you didn’t come here to be limited by yourself, did you?

No.  You came to shine your light so damn bright that you inspire others to show up as their best selves – at home and in business.

In this post-pandemic world, where old ways of living and leading just aren’t going to cut it anymore, the world is counting on YOU more than ever.

So lean into being vulnerable.  Be open.  Soften.  Let your guard down (just a little).  Allow.  Be human.

Without the willingness to be vulnerable, we keep ourselves closed off – walls are up, and the mask is on.

And when we’re closed off, guess how much true connection is going on?

Not much. 

If being vulnerable feels daunting to you, know that it really doesn’t take much to get the momentum going in that direction.  Rest assured; you don’t need to turn board meetings into therapy sessions.  All it takes is a slight willingness to be seen just a little bit.

Vulnerability isn’t being weak.  In fact, it’s much the opposite.  It’s actually a display of strength.  It takes a hell of a lot more courage to be vulnerable and let yourself be seen than it does to remain closed off because you fear some unfavorable made-up outcome that probably won’t happen.

When you start to practice vulnerability, pay attention to how you feel.  Remember – we create our reality based on how we feel.  I’d be shocked if you said you didn’t feel a little lighter and freer.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, it’s what people want.

Sometimes people in senior leadership positions feel like it’s their duty to show up as “the fearless leader,” exuding superhuman confidence and wielding all the answers.  That may have worked for a time, but we’re past the expiration date on that model.

People want raw. 

They want real.  

They want relatable.

They want approachable.

They want to see that leaders have a human side that struggles with all the same issues that they do, in some way, shape, or form.  

And they want to see the path through it.

So there you have it—Vulnerability 101.  

I’ve helped many of my execs share their life stories and the events that made them through speeches, articles, and more.  If you’d like to learn how to be a more authentic leader who inspires others to show up feeling and doing their best, reach out.

Watch for the next newsletter, where we’ll be taking a closer look at another core element of spirit-inspired leadership  – accountability.