Spirit-Inspired Leadership: Purposeful Contribution

Spirit-Inspired leadership is a powerful thing.

When a leader lets their spirit lead the way, the ripple effect is huge.

Spirit-inspired leadership has several pillars, and over the next several newsletters, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into each of them, kicking it off this week with the idea of purposeful contribution.

Purpose is the “why” (or the reason) you and your organization exist.

Connection to purpose is the drive; it’s what fuels spirit-inspired leaders to show up day after day, moving toward a purpose that benefits the greater good.

And not only are they fiercely committed to their individual purpose, but they make sure every member of their company understands how they are making a meaningful contribution to the greater purpose.

Whenever I think about the idea of purposeful contribution, I recall this powerful story.

In the 1960s, when President Kennedy was touring the NASA space center, he asked a janitor who was holding a broom what he was doing and why he was working late.  The janitor responded that he was helping put a man on the moon.

He didn’t say he was sweeping the floors.

He didn’t say he was cleaning.

He viewed his role in a much greater context.

I love how this popular legend illustrates the idea of purposeful contribution, how every person in the organization, regardless of their specific day-to-day responsibilities, can be fueled by a singular focus.

Every day I connect back to my purpose – the “why,” the reason I founded Live Authentically.

Live Authentically helps leaders do less and attract more.

Short, sweet, to the point.

And I don’t just rely on processes and systems to keep my business running; I rely on energy and ask the universe to connect me with those who need my help the most.

Keeping a broad perspective through connecting to purpose coupled with an unwavering trust in the universe and the process can give any person and organization the staying power needed to get through any season, regardless of the economic landscape.

This week I’m inviting you to reflect on the idea of purposeful contribution, both at the individual and company levels.

What comes up for you?

What is your purpose?

What is your company’s purpose?

What is one concise, to-the-point purpose statement (10 words or less) that every person in your organization can respond to when asked what they do?

I would love to help you explore this idea.  If you’d like to chat, you can find me here.