Money: Rewriting Your Story

Did you read my most recent article on my personal money manifestation story?

If not, this would be a good time to read it, and when you do, pay close attention to the way in which my mindset of abundance influenced the outcome.  

And also pay attention to this: I had to totally rewire my mindset over the years and worked my way from a “scarcity” mindset to an abundant mindset.

I came from humble beginnings.  There was always an abundance of love, food, and connection but not an abundance of money.  We had enough money to provide for basic needs, but most discretionary expenses needed to be justified.  To this day, I still remember the conversation with my parents where I was trying to convince them that a camera was, in fact, a necessity when I went away to college.

And I still have remnants of my past hanging around, as I often remind my kids, “this isn’t free” when they leave lights on or leave cans of sparkling water peppered around the house after taking one sip. 🙂 

The reality is that I had to rewrite the story and adopt new beliefs which I did through years of spiritual work, if I was ever going to break out of old patterns that limited me.

The narrative I grew up around with respect to money was fear-based, scarcity-minded, and largely informed by my father, who was the youngest of 14 kids in an Italian-immigrant family.  And saying that they had limited resources is probably the softest way I can describe the daily struggle to make ends meet.

Sacrifice, save for a rainy day, not enough – are a few words in the world of scarcity.

And this is a good time to put forth a universal belief that I embody – People are doing their best from their respective levels of consciousness.  The way they show up in life and how they lead others, are influenced by their life experiences, background, and beliefs, and those may or may not be congruent with you and the direction you’d like to go.

But you don’t need to be limited by that.  If you want different, if you want more, if you want better, you have to start by rewriting the story you’re telling yourself.  Think differently, choose words differently, expect differently, believe differently.

As you make a shift more toward an abundant way of being, here are a few questions to reflect on as you begin the process of rewriting your money story:

  • What do I believe to be true about money?
  • How do I describe my financial situation?
  • How do I feel about money matters?
  • What do I want to do with my money?
  • How often do I think about the lack of money?
  • What words do I use around money?
  • What do I believe about the relationship between money and value?
  • What comes up when I think about other people’s financial well-being?
  • What blocks or obstacles have you been able to identify that are holding you apart from more money?

It really lights me up to help business leaders rewrite their money stories.  When they step into higher levels of abundance, they create more jobs, boost the economy, and ultimately enhance the life experiences of so many people.

Let’s rewrite your money narrative!  Grab a time here.

And stay tuned for my next article, “Money, Understanding Your Why.”