Money: Understanding Your “Why”

It’s so culturally ingrained in us to keep wanting more money, more money, more money.

And first, let me make it clear that there’s nothing wrong with wanting more money.  There’s no shame, blame, or guilt associated with wanting more money.

In fact, the universe wants us to enjoy all the abundance this world has to offer.

Wanting more abundance is something to be celebrated.

But it can’t be about the number alone.  There are billionaires who commit suicide and people making minimum wage who are happy with what they’ve got.  We all know money won’t buy happiness.

The focus really needs to be on the deep-seated “why” behind the quest for more money.

It’s really about the feeling.  Kind of like the idea of losing weight.  It’s never really about the number on the scale, is it?  It’s more about the way you want to feel – lean, toned, tight, energized, vibrant, and alive.

So when you think about money, think about the reason you want more money and identify feelings around that.  Put energy behind it.  

For example, “I want to earn more money so I can provide more experiences for my family.”  

“I will be very proud when I can take my family on vacation and provide a better quality of life.”  

“I enjoy taking care of people I care about.”  

“I’m going to use my money to show acts of kindness, service, and love.”

What will more money provide for you?  Peace of mind?  Flexibility?  Freedom?  More choices?  More time?

And remember how I said you need to do the work vibrationally first?  Don’t think you need to wait to get more money to enjoy whatever feeling you’re seeking;  it works the other way around.  Start practicing the vibration of that feeling NOW.  Celebrate areas in your life where you have peace of mind.  Recognize the flexibility you already have.  Enjoy whatever level of freedom you have, even if it means taking a quick break from work and running to the vending machine to grab a Snickers bar or whatever simple pleasure brings you joy.  Cherish the choices that are available to you currently.  

The universe recognizes the energy behind your desires. It knows if the origin is superficial, ego-based, or has a deeper, soul-based agenda.  Associate your feelings and desires around money with soul-based initiatives.  These include kindness, love, benevolence, humanitarianism, gratitude, fun, and life-enriching experiences.

For me, every time I think about money, I think of the value associated with the transaction, regardless of whether it’s an inflow or an outflow.  I use words like value, investment, contribution, and increase rather than expense or decrease.

For example, when I order groceries online and have them delivered, I think about the value it adds to my life because it frees up my time.  I tip generously and think about how excited the delivery driver will be to take home some extra cash.  When I pay my personal trainer, I think about what an important role he plays in enhancing my health.

So this week, I invite you to reflect on the real reasons you want more money and the value it will bring to your life, the lives of others, and how you could use it to improve the world around you.

If you’d like some help exploring your “why,” click here.

And for the next newsletter…the grand finale!  HOW to attract more money.  Stay tuned!