Money: How I Manifested Millions Through Energy

This week I’m super excited to show you, not just tell you, how I put spiritual concepts into practice and manifested the sale of a multi-million dollar home.

Let’s rewind to January 2018.

I was in the middle of the divorce process, and it was time to put our marital home on the market. 

A custom-built, 12,000 square-foot home was not going to be easy to sell, is what others told me.

It’s going to be easy and fun to sell, is what I was telling myself. 

I was hell-bent on making sure this house sold super fast, and I was going to do that by manifesting it through energy.  Not only did I believe I could do it, but I could feel it.

First, we needed to decide how long to pre-fund the ongoing expenses on the house while it was on the market, waiting to sell.

According to market averages, the expectation was that it could take at least 18 months to sell.  But this house sale wasn’t going to conform to the statistics.  I was going to make sure of that.

In my mind, statistics are numbers that reflect the results based on other people’s experiences.  So, while the popular belief is that the outcome conforms to statistics, I believe I create my own reality.

Feeling totally tapped into the universal energy, I told our professional team that the longer timeframe we put in the contract, the longer it will take to sell.  Talk about radio silence – you literally could hear a pin drop in the room for a few seconds, as nobody wanted to touch such an outlandish comment.  I felt like everybody was looking at me like I was speaking a foreign language backwards.  I also felt totally connected and aligned, and could hardly wait to watch all this unfold.

By March, we accepted a cash offer with an immediate close.  There it is!

My real estate agent and I were planning a trip to Mexico for spring break with our kids, and we were envisioning ourselves toasting and celebrating the sale with margaritas by the pool.  

While we were poolside in Mexico, we were finalizing our decision about requests made during the inspection, which quite frankly should have been nothing more than a formality on a recently-built house that had been meticulously maintained.  After some back and forth, I didn’t like how it started to feel energetically.  It felt very heavy and forced, and just didn’t have that feeling of flow.

Bringing the transaction across the finish line would have come down to one minute detail, which, in relation to the entire transaction, was like a drop in the bucket and was financially insignificant.  But energetically, it felt off, and that was reason enough for me to walk.

I was totally resolute in my willingness to walk away from the transaction, but I had one not-so-small challenge ahead of me…convincing my soon-to-be-former-husband.

I left a message for him, and he called me back while we were at dinner.  I left my real estate agent with the kids at the restaurant and engaged in a 45-minute long persuasive speech as I paced by the pool and attempted to plead my case.  I recognized that what I wanted to do was bold.  Really bold.  I mean, who walks away from a cash deal over an amount that was negligible compared to the scheme of the whole transaction?  But, after all, when you do bold things and take risks, that’s when the magic happens.  I asked him to trust me and, with extreme confidence, assured him it would sell quickly.  By the end of the call, he was in my camp, albeit somewhat reluctantly.

I was grateful that he was open-minded enough to consider my perspective and trusted me enough to let me take the risk.  This point is significant not only because he was willing to step into a situation fraught with uncertainty, but because he doesn’t speak the language of the Universe.  He has seen me operate like this and deferred to my intuition several times in the past, and after seeing how it had played out over and over and over again, he was willing to let me do “my thing” yet again.

Communications of closure abound in my world, so I followed up with this text to him: 

“I’m glad you finally shifted on the house sale.  Shutting it down is absolutely the answer.  When a situation feels forced and someone or something is not in integrity with who I am, I walk.  Simple as that.  They’re not the only buyer out there and someone who is reasonable and in touch with the value of what they are getting will drop in as quickly as they did.” 

My agent called her office and asked her assistant to prepare the documents that would terminate the contract.  She asked her assistant to change the garage door code, then leaned over and asked me what I wanted the code to be.  Nothing was coming to me at that moment.  After my agent and her assistant chatted for a few more seconds, I leaned over and said, “I got it! 0518!! That’s the code.”  

“The house is going to sell in May.  And around the 18th.”  I told my agent we were going to manifest it to happen that way.

The house went back on the market, and just as I had expected, another buyer dropped in quickly.  Everything about the transaction was smooth, from the negotiations through the inspection.  

Spoiler alert: We closed in May, within a week from the date I predicted.

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.  Talk about flow.

This experience is significant for several reasons.  First, I trusted my intuition and knew how to listen to my inner voice.  Secondly, I was able to recognize when it was starting to feel forced and had the courage to walk away.  You don’t have to stay in that space.  Give yourself permission to walk away without guilt.  If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.  You don’t owe anyone any explanations.  Lastly, I employed extremely powerful manifestation techniques to achieve the outcome we desired.

Right after the offer was finalized, digital high-fives and celebratory emojis were exchanged over text.  I said, “Who knew selling a house could be so much fun?  That went so flawlessly that I bet we could go back and ask the buyer for another $10,000 to fund another trip to Mexico.”  My agent and I handled negotiations while my soon-to-be-former husband was out of the country.  When he returned, he sent a text asking about the final “manifested” result.

My agent and I celebrated his acknowledgment of a spiritual concept, albeit in a lighthearted manner.  What a breakthrough moment!  I replied, “You’re starting to dabble in the language – nice!!”  His reply indicated that he was actually envious of my ability and indicated that if he could manifest things that it would dramatically cut down on his stress level.

That simple text elicited a flood of thoughts and emotions for me.  First of all, he said the word “manifest.”  You can manifest anything, I thought.  Anybody can.  Manifestation is available to ALL of us.  

Accessing Universal Energy and learning how to incorporate the laws of the Universe to shape your human experience is something that we can all do.  Like anything else, the more we practice it, the better we get.  The reason I can manifest things the way that I do is because I work at it every single day.  When you master it, life feels like magic.  

Secondly, in the text, he referred to his stress level.  The way he worded it implied that it was not insignificant.  He’s not alone in this, I know.  Most people walk around feeling like they’re weighed down by stress to varying degrees.

You cannot manifest if you’re stressed.  It’s not vibrationally possible.  Manifestation is a super-high vibration – it’s quite literally the energy of creation.  Stress is a low vibration and literally pinches you off from manifesting abundance.

We attract not when stressed and overwhelmed but when living in the energy of flow, fun, excited anticipation, inspiration, confidence, appreciation, and alignment.

Living in alignment allows us to create possibilities that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

And speaking of creating possibilities, this was happening while ideas for founding Live Authentically were bubbling up in my mind.  One day out of the clear blue, I got the intuitive guidance that our buyer knew someone I should hire to help me launch my business.  And fast forward to this summer, Live Authentically is turning 5!!  And it all started with one crazy, soul-centered risk I took five years prior.  The universe had this all along.

Let me make this clear:  You can manifest like this too.  But you’ve got to work at your alignment.  It’s all an inside job.

I’d love to show you how.  Let’s chat!

And watch for my next article, where I talk about rewriting your money story so you can manifest ridiculous levels of abundance too.