Let’s Be Real. Authenticity Wins Every Time

When you live and lead with authenticity, you win.

Every.  Single.  Time.

In every area of life.

I love seeing my clients winning, and at this point, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t see a victory of some kind.

Here are just a couple in recent weeks:

  1. One client, who started with me a little over a year ago, is a CFO and founder, and just celebrated a huge win. A little background – when we first started chatting, he barely had any clients and said bluntly, couldn’t afford my coaching at the time.He got a little traction, and when he started with me he shared a few things about himself: he has confidence issues, doesn’t like public speaking, doesn’t like to get out much, and has a very quiet personality.

    I could tell from convo #1 that he was open and receptive and ready to incorporate new ideas for overcoming some of his hurdles.He leaned into that in a big way, and enjoyed a HUGE win recently;  he was a guest on a podcast.  He showed up like a boss and knocked it out of the park, talking about… wait for it… AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP!

    I totally teared up, not gonna lie!  It was like the “baby’s first-word” moment.  That’s my boy!!

    And to think we’ve barely even scratched the surface.

  2. Another client, who founded a VC firm, was recently reflecting on his progress since we started working together about a year and a half ago.He is enjoying life more on the personal side, and on the business side… it’s raining deals.

    He’s being approached with deals that wouldn’t have even been on his map in his prior life because they were so far out of reach.  And notice that I used the word approached – what’s happening here is noteworthy.  They’re seeking him out, rather than the other way around.

    He’s attracting it.

    Magnetizing it.

    Which is exactly how it happens when you do the work from the inside out.

Stay tuned for more client win stories.  They just keep coming.

Wins like these, however, don’t come easy.  But remember – anything worth having doesn’t come easy, and anything that comes easy isn’t worth having.

My clients are doing the work, and they’re enjoying the fruits of their labor.

There are no magic bullets or easy buttons here;  you have to roll up your sleeves and buckle down (we have fun along the way, though, too, don’t you worry!)

Live Authentically is where old-school values meet new-age ideas.  It’s where you can pair your already highly ambitious, highly accomplished, highly-educated self with new ideas that revolutionize your life and your business.

Can’t afford it?  I say you can’t afford NOT to.  

Regardless of what your financial situation is right now, all you need is a little bit to get momentum going in the right direction.  And from there… buckle up.  The better it gets, the better it gets.

Remember – the same inputs keep giving you the same results.  You want different, you want better?  You’ve got to take a new approach.

If you go to another country and want to really enjoy the fullness of the experience, there are things you can do to feel less like a tourist and more like a local.  

You’ll learn a new language.  

You’ll transact in a new currency.  

You’ll navigate uncharted territory.  

You’ll connect with new people.

The same applies here.  In order to extract all the meaning and purpose out of your life, in and out of the office, you’ve got to dive in head first.

Soooo… Let’s partner up, shall we?  Click here to grab time.