Ignite the Spark Within

Said bluntly, my client Myke is kicking ass.

From our very first conversation, it was obvious to me that Myke is here to revolutionize the world.  I could quite literally feel his soul wanting to expand and prompt humanity to make seismic shifts.

He already had the old-school work ethic thing mastered, and brought a ridiculously high level of brilliance to the table, but we both knew that mastering energy was what would unleash him into new dimensions.

By showing up with an open heart and an open mind every single session, he has done years worth of soul work in just a few months.

The quantum leaps he’s made suggest that earthly time doesn’t apply to him.

He has adopted new mental models, integrated new healthy lifestyle practices, established boundaries, manifested his reality, and has daily convos with the universe.

He is now fueled by a source of energy far more powerful than anything available to us in the physical world.

He has learned how to let go, surrender, and trust the process, and watch his life unfold with total divine orchestration.

I can see him relaxing into his life more, and is truly in the spirit of allowing.  Allowing the universe to deliver what is in his, and humanity’s highest good, while doing the work from the inside out.

The work we’re doing together is simply igniting the spark already within.  We each have a tiny spark within us, and sometimes all it takes is a little lighter fluid to blow up your life and create possibilities you didn’t even know existed.  

Myke is doing that every single day, and so can you.

Here’s his heartfelt testimonial that was the reason I needed to touch up my makeup before my first call one day last week:

Over the past two decades, I’ve had the opportunity to lead and interact with many of the world’s most preeminent leaders including Fortune 500 CEOs and government officials….and every once in awhile, we meet someone whose character, actions, and values inspire and motivate you to deliver your absolute best self to the world – Pam is one of those exceptionally rare people.  There’s a colossal difference between merely living a life and living a life with an unwavering and impenetrable vision and passion for what’s possible – Pam embodies that difference.  Pam’s understanding of human potential will enable anyone fortunate enough to work with her to soar beyond their most compelling dreams and aspirations – beyond what they even know is possible.  The world would literally be conflict-free, undeniably happy, and unwaveringly joyous if the majority of people within it approached life and possibilities as she does.

Myke Hawkins: Board Advisor, Transformational Leader, Future of Work Evangelist

I am so proud of this game changer, trailblazer, rock star client.

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