Episode 87: Finding a Balance and Moving Forward with Liz Stanley

Finding a Balance and Moving Forward

In today’s podcast, I talk with speaker, teacher and writer Liz Stanley as she gives us tips and advice on balancing an authentic life to grow and move forward. In the past, Liz used to hide her authenticity as she was challenging with stress, emotions and dramatic experiences at the time.

She was cut off from her authentic nature by denial and suppression. However, through the course of her healing, she soon found that it brought her back in touch with her authenticity. Now, each day her focus is to connect with herself and one other person in a heartfelt way. This helps her stay in touch with what’s most important to her.

We then get into the connections we have with other people and how we meaningfully connect with them through our conversations. Liz explains how she first connects with herself to ensure she’s grounded and present so that she’s truly able to connect with the other person’s whole being. From there, she goes further into detail about how she truly connects with someone.

Liz also gets into depth about the importance of allowing and putting forth the necessary actions to move forward. She shares with us how she had to create a balance of having an intention of which direction she would like to go and allowing herself to see what opens up, and where she could move.

She talks about how life rarely moves on the linear path our minds think it will move on, and how that’s the flow of creation. Allowing the reality of things to unfold creates the possibility of noticing synchronicities. Liz says that it allows us to recognize that we do need a balance of moving forward and being receptive.

This led us into discussing very helpful and healthy stress management techniques. Liz advises us to decide which of our habits are not helpful then implementing the habits that are. She explains how sensational touches can help keep us stable and grounded.

She also mentions how obtaining more sleep, movement in exercise, social connections and a healthy diet can help manage day-to-day stress. To hear us go further into detail about the aspects of balancing an authentic life, click the podcast to listen now! To hear more of my guest, Liz Stanley, visit her website here.