Episode 88: Spreading Joy and Positive Energy with Mary / Uncustomary England

How do you live authentically every day? 

Today’s episode has a very special guest. Uncustomary England is a merriment maker, spreading joy to those around her and teaching others to do the same. Her work goes way beyond what the average person might describe as joy – she teaches others the importance of creating your own authentic reality, and how creating that reality is going to fuel the joy that you can bring to those around you. In this episode, we talk to Uncustomary about her work and learn how merriment making has become a huge part of her life. 

When creating your own authentic reality, every little detail matters, especially the words you use in your daily life. Uncustomary talks about the energy that certain words bring to the table, and how the casual use of words can be harmful to the value they have in our lives. When we use words in a flighty way, we devalue them for people who find them to be empowering. For example, women inherently are always apologizing for themselves and putting their comfort second to someone else’s. So, instead of saying “I’m sorry for being late” say, “Thank you for your patience.” This way, the phrase you speak is. Much more positive and you aren’t casually throwing around the word “sorry” when it’s not necessary. 

Uncustomary also touches on the pressure that today’s society puts on young people to become entrepreneurs and to build brands and websites. Of course, if this is something you feel aligned to do, by all means, do it. However, it is important to note that not all of your passions have to be turned into a money-making act. Turning everything you love into something that makes money can be toxic and can actually drag you away from that activity, which is something you once loved. It is absolutely vital in life to make time for play that does not involve money making. The word “play” often has a negative connotation for adults – we think of it as being immature or irresponsible and that is totally not true. Any play that you are doing is what comes naturally to you, and you have been good at it since the day you were born. You need this play activity to fuel yourself in other areas of your life. Play is an essential part of life for all humans, no matter how old. 

You can find Uncustomary at her website, uncustomary.org or on Instagram at @uncustomarylove. Thank you for listening!