Episode 92: Staying True to Yourself As You Learn and Grow with Ann Betz

In today’s podcast, I talk with teacher and trainer, Ann Betz. We discuss the importance of being true to who you are, speaking your truth and expressing your emotions. We first start off with the famous question I ask in every podcast:

How do you live authentically everyday? Ann Betz shares with us an important phrase that immediately comes to mind when she hears this question. As she answers this question, she talks about using the idea of consciousness and neuroscience to be a better person. We then get into discussing our ego and how its crucial that we recognize and celebrate it.

We also go deeper into the importance of vulnerability and speaking your truth, even if it means taking a risk. We must trust that it will be the step closer to alignment and authenticity. Ann even talks about understanding your chakras and how it ties in with that. She also gets into how you can strengthen your ability to be an observer and look at things from a different perspective.

Later in the podcast, we talk about toxicity and how we must distance ourselves from it and the people that carry it. We then touch brief on the education system, and the lack of more essential-to-life subjects that should be taught in school.

We talk about how our mindset, and understanding it, is an important thing to learn and how it should be taught in the educational system. As parents, it’s important that we teach our children this ourselves, so that they start learning it early on in life.

Towards the end of this podcast, we talk deeply about emotions and the importance of expressing them. Ann shares with us a deep and personal experience that shows just how crucial it is to find ways to let our emotions out in an approach that’s okay and can be honored. Ann says that this, rather than shutting our emotions down, is the road to healing.

As we close up, Ann kindly offers us her amazing programs for all you professional coaches out there who would like to further improve your skills. She also mentions her neuroscience program where they look at how neuroscience relates to different levels of consciousness. Listen to our full podcast now and indulge in our deep, informative conversation of growth and authenticity.