Episode 89: Embracing Your Authentic Self, and Helping Others Do the Same with Blair Nichols

In this new podcast, I talk to the elite speaker Blair Nichols about discovering your true identity, embracing your authentic self and connecting with those around you. I begin with the question I ask all my guests: how do you live authentically every day? Blair first shares with us his past, and how he grew up in an environment where he felt like he couldn’t be his authentic self. 

Now, throughout his adult life and career, he made it a point to champion diverse voices in the speaking industry. He tells us how helping others and providing opportunities is how he lives authentically. He tries to be a champion for those emerging people who aren’t typically thought of as a source of expertise in a certain area. 

Blair then shares how he felt as he shifted from hiding his authentic self to embracing it, as well as embracing it in others. He talks about the ways other people may feel inhibited from stepping into their authenticity. He mentions some underlying fears that contribute to that, with fear actually being the biggest part of it. 

Later down the line, we go deeper into the professional side of things and talk about some of the ways leaders can show up in an authentic way. Blair mentions vulnerability and being transparent about your personal life and connecting with others emotionally. 

Blair then talks about how communication is a great way for companies to enhance their connections with their employees and make them feel more connected. He mentions the importance of providing different levels of support and making the most with the mediums that you have. Create meetings or experiences that go beyond just getting talked at. 

Towards the end of this podcast, Blair shares some words of encouragement and advises people to think about what message they need to share. Also, think about what story have you not really told that might open up the gates of relatability and authenticity that have been lacking. Start listening to this podcast now to hear Blair Nichols talk more about embracing your true authenticity!