Are You Stepping Into Your Fullest Potential?

I believe that everyone needs to spend some time at the outer limits of their capacity in order to fully understand their true human potential.

If you don’t push yourself to the extremes, how will you ever really know what you’re capable of?

Periods of intense pressure are a gift because that’s where we learn how to make conscious choices about what we want for ourselves.

If you’ve been waiting for the green light to pursue that dream you’ve had for a while, wait no more.

I’m here to tell you to go for it.

Don’t let your dreams die with you someday.

Just three short years ago, I was at the outer limits of my capacity.  The ink hadn’t even dried on my divorce papers, and I was still acclimating to life as a single mom to my four kids, who were 13, 10, 9 and 6.  I was tending to my own healing, my kids’ healing but all the while, I could feel something really powerful bubbling up, that was impossible to ignore.

I shared my idea with a few people, who couldn’t understand how I could possibly layer on even more.

How did I respond?  I did it anyway.

I chose faith.  I chose trust. I chose to surrender.  I chose to show up with an open heart and open mind, with excited anticipation for what’s to come.

You see, fear and doubt are energies I don’t give much attention to.  Those are the energies that will keep you stuck, and will pinch you off from unlimited abundance.

I believe that we live in a world where anything is possible, and achieving your dreams is just one mindset away.

That’s true for all of us.

For the record, I will say that at the start I had zero visibility on exactly how I was going to get there. 

But the “how” isn’t something I needed to have figured out.  That’s the universe’s job. 

I surrounded myself with people who believed in me, built-in support systems that freed up my time and energy, and made choices that supported the direction I wanted to take my life.

Every day I showed up with an open heart and an open mind, and a commitment to serving at the highest level.  

I could have thought of a million reasons not to step into something greater, and quite honestly not adding anything else to my plate was probably the scenario that made the most sense, on paper.

But the universe doesn’t care about what looks good on paper.  It doesn’t care about what’s logical. It doesn’t care about what makes you most comfortable.

What it does care about is strategically placing the right people, the right experiences, and the right hits of inspiration at exactly the right time, so that you can experience life to the fullest.

Where there’s a will, I assure you, there is a way.  There’s always a way.

If what you’re wanting to do is authentic to who you are, the universe will conspire with you to make it happen.

It can happen no other way.

There will be an energy behind it that really can’t even be put into words.  It’ll feel like an “unstoppable rebel force” (I had to…anyone who can tell me what movie this phrase is from…drinks on me!).

Sometimes all we need is a little nudge from someone who really believes in us, even if we aren’t quite there yet.

People have said to me – why did you push me to do that? And I say “because you were too comfortable before.  You weren’t fully aware of what you are capable of, and I needed to show you.”

Diamonds are formed under pressure, and the same applies to you.

Are you pushing yourself?  I mean really pushing yourself to fully explore what lights you up? 

Are you feeling too comfortable? Are you letting your dream go unexplored?  If so, give me a half-hour to really tap into your psyche and show you how you can step into your fullest potential.

Stay tuned for next week’s article, where I share the most important ingredient for designing a life where you can have it all.