Episode 90: Experiencing Hard Changes to Reach Your Authentic Way of Life with Rev. Tracy L. Clark

Today I chat with Reverend Tracy L. Clark, a high performance energy coach. In this podcast, we get into some pretty deep truths about the path to elevating your life and living authentically. Tracy shares with us a good question that we should ask ourselves every morning so that we remain in our own flow throughout the day. She says that this will give you a kind of energy that can help keep you in line as you create your own reality.

Then, we get into talking about the journey of life, as Tracy shares with us her own journey. She talks about the trauma she went through as a child, the fears she developed because of that and the physical issues she had growing up. She then shares with us how once she reached her breaking point she tried to come to an understanding of her body and the way it functions. She was able to find effective ways to heal her body, and that is what kept her going.

Later in the podcast, Tracy discusses the importance of creating your own reality and making certain changes in your life to do so. She says that the area you should really want to work on first is getting in touch with yourself, and she tells us just how we can do that. From there is where you can then start making those necessary changes in your life.

Tracy then shares her thoughts on signs and synchronicities, and how we can look to those in order to receive validation from the universe that we’re on the right path. She mentions how crucial it is to receive the signs you get in life and take in its energy. Tracy then gets into what she believes her purpose is in life and how she wants to serve, help and guide others through the massive change going on with the new earth.

Towards the end of this podcast, Tracy talks about how we must celebrate our endings and outcomes as we go through these big life changes. She also advises us to plant our dreams and visions now, to see where we’ll be needed on this earth. Listen to our podcast now to hear Tracy and I go further in depth about setting a path to living an authentic life of your own!