Episode 80: From the Yoga Mat to the Streets With Nick Demos

You will reach new heights with today’s special guest. We’re super pumped to talk with Tony Award-winning producer Nick Demos. Nick is a Tony and Olivier Award-winning producer, filmmaker, Soul-aligned business coach, and host of the Creative Soulpreneur podcast. He has over a decade of teaching meditation, yoga, and creativity under his belt and 30 years in the entertainment industry. So, this was such an exciting and inspiring conversation. I found it inspiring and I know that you will also. 

Authenticity – The Universal Search for Truth

When asked how he lives authentically every day, Nick said that is the universal search for truth. We come into this world one way, and we’re told who we are not and told to be a certain way. He went on to say that authenticity is a state of being. It’s easier to find that state of being when we’re solo, like when we’re on the yoga mat and practicing our breathing, than when we’re with others. But since we live in a world where we have to co-create and collaborate, finding that state is reactionary. Life is not what happens to us, but it’s how we react to what’s happening.

21,600 Breaths Per Day

Nick goes on to tell us that to maintain a high vibrational state, those deep breaths he practices on his yoga mat are important to keep from reacting or sending out negativity. On average, we are gifted with about 21,600 breaths per day. Why not lean into those breaths to keep your brain from going into a negative place? Breathing brings awareness to what you’re dealing with and shifts the energy. Yoga is not about what happens on the mat when you sit in meditation, but it’s about what happens when you step out into the world.

Purpose Is in Everything He Does

When asked what his purpose is, Nick responds his purpose is to be himself — to be authentic. Nick believes his purpose is not necessarily what he does, but that his purpose is in everything he does. Nick has found a cohesive way to bring all of his gifts and talents together, and it helps him fully live out his purpose and be the person he is today. 

To learn more about Nick and his transformative practices from the yoga mat to the streets, you can visit his website here. Thank you for joining us today!