Episode 64: Creating a Life of Legacy with Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Welcome to Episode 64 of Live Authentically. On today’s episode, Pam is discussing living lives of legacy with Rabbi Daniel Cohen.

Cohen is a mentor, guide and motivator who spins timeless wisdom into narratives that speak to all of us. The simple stories and strategies he teaches highlight the best of who we are and desire to be. Drawing on his years of experience as a Rabbi, Cohen shares stories and life-affirming moments from throughout his years as a cleric. 

What is truly unique about Rabbi Cohen though is his gift for humor and humanity, while discussing difficult subject matter. No one can listen to him speak for long without immediately empathizing and connecting with what he has to say. Here’s a brief overview of his conversation with Pam.

The Importance of Spiritual & Physical Alignment

The discussion for today begins with Rabbi Cohen discussing his own daily efforts to live authentically. Meditation, prayer, intentionality and acts of kindness (mitzvahs) all feature prominently in his daily life. 

More importantly, Cohen puts special emphasis on the importance of seeking God’s will for his life as the prime directive for living authentically. Making a difference and bringing more light to the universe is how he judges the success of every day.

At this point, Pam directs their talk to the daily practices that Rabbi Cohen put into practice. He discusses his relationship with a mentor and Holocaust survivor, and how he was inspired by her example and daily life.  Many of her daily habits became his habits: praying three times per day, meditating on the beauty of the world around him, regular exercise and sufficient sleep. 

The conversation then turns to the importance of finding and maintaining balance. Cohen states God doesn’t demand perfection, so we should not be fearful that we don’t measure up. Conversely, he also says it does not excuse us from striving to do our best. 

We are obligated every day to find those unrevealed lights of wisdom in the world and bring them forth to the world. Each day, we must strive to make today better than yesterday. To Cohen, righteousness is not perfection, but instead, an unshakable commitment to grow, evolve and change to be the best version of ourselves. 

He and Pam wrap up the conversation with a discussion of the meaning of existence, and our purpose on this planet while we are here. This section of the podcast is definitely not one you want to miss.

We hope you gained as much from Rabbi Cohen’s wisdom in this episode as we did. Don’t forget to like comment and share! Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about Rabbi Cohen or booking speaking engagements, you can visit his website here.

Thanks for listening, and we look forward to seeing you next time on the Live Authentically Podcast.