Episode 39: Empowering the Female Entrepreneur with Marta Spirk

Self-love is easier said than done. We often depend on others to feel accomplished and empowered. How do we find a balance between working with others and working on ourselves? Business mentor, writer, interpreter and empowerment expert, Marta Spirk, has a keen insight into self-love and self-care. 

Marta works with individuals and groups of women who need empowerment coaching to reach their professional and personal goals. However, this was not always her goal. Growing up in Brazil, Marta was always fascinated by American culture and the English language. After learning English at a young age, she started teaching English as young as 14. She eventually became an interpreter for her local church and received degrees in translation and linguistics. 

Four years ago, Marta’s life changed forever. She gave birth to triplets and had to adjust all aspects of her life and her attitude towards herself. Finding a balance between taking care of the kids and finding time for herself was incredibly challenging. She realized that something had to change. 

While she was trying her best, she also noticed that if she was not feeling right, she could not properly take care of her family. She then started her journey of self-growth and development, establishing new habits and ways to love herself more. Setting boundaries, both personal and professional, as well as journaling and exercising, allowed her to build her support system. She concluded that loving yourself is the first step towards loving others. 

With her newly found attitude, she wanted to help others with self-development, particularly other women. She began coaching and focusing on empowering fellow female entrepreneurs. Marta uses a five-step process for her clients to move towards self-growth. Her five steps are noticing yourself, listening to yourself, forgiving yourself, empowering yourself and transforming yourself. While effective, her process is not an end-all-be-all. In today’s podcast, she emphasizes that self-growth is a cyclical process and takes constant attention. 

One of Marta’s favorite quotes that she uses with her clients is “see beauty without a compliment and without a mirror”, meaning that self-love is so essential to self-development, as well as professional development. Marta continues to consult individuals and groups. She is also the host of the Empowered Woman podcast and offers weekly meetings to her members.

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