Episode 35: Learning How to Find Happiness with Dr. Robert Puff

What does it mean to find happiness? Do you feel like you are not living for yourself? You may feel bogged down with whatever negative things are happening in your life, struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Author, speaker, and happiness expert, Dr. Robert Puff has a detailed insight into finding happiness in your life. 

Dr. Puff lived his early years in a success-driven state. In school for over fourteen years, he studied different disciplines of psychology and comparative religion. His competitive nature and tireless work ethic allowed him to get ahead academically. 

While working towards his Master’s degree at Princeton, he realized that things needed to change. He felt angry, stressed and out of touch with his physical health. One day, while laying in a field and watching the clouds go by, he realized that he needed to focus on living and slowing down. While academic success is great, personal health should not be sacrificed. 

After taking up new hobbies like meditation and hiking, Dr. Puff started feeling much better. He realized that success shouldn’t be measured by competition or academic achievements. His experiences and increased level of joy sparked a desire in him to help others find happiness. 

Through his work, he teaches clients to be open, aware and accepting of life’s challenges. Negative things are inevitable, but you can change how you approach them. Set boundaries and allow yourself to focus on things that make you happy. Check in with yourself, let go of self-judgement and you will begin to see positive results. 

Dr. Puff is the host of the Happiness podcast, where he explains how different challenges can affect our happiness and how we can work towards self-actualization. He discusses topics like loss, friendship, mindfulness or acceptance and how they play into our own happiness. He continues to post new episodes regularly and has an informative blog on his website. In addition, he is the author of 13 books which are all available on Amazon. 

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