10 Powerful Questions to Help You Simplify Your Life

When was the last time you’ve taken inventory on your life — every aspect, from how you spend your free time to your surroundings?

Life can become complicated, cluttered and fast, without us even realizing it. Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed and we feel like it’s all “too much.”

“Too much” was a phrase that kept coming up a lot for me right before my huge paradigm shift.  

From time to time we may find ourselves totally consumed with life and going in a million directions just trying to keep up.

Maybe you’re in the middle of a big life event. Maybe you’re not.

Either way, taking steps to simplify your life will serve you well. In this article, I’ll give 10 powerful questions to help you on how to simplify your life.

A big part of this journey into the soul is the need for simplicity. Our souls want to be free. They want to be unencumbered. The need for simplicity is a hallmark craving when you’re living from the soul.

Simplicity – a Personal Reflection

A big part of my journey into the soul was a huge simplification initiative.  

As I reflected on what I wanted to take with me into the next chapter of my life, then I realized that I really didn’t need that much to be happy. I spent a lot of time thinking about simplicity and I realized that the simpler my life is, the freer I feel. Less stuff to keep track of and less stuff to take care of. More time to fill up with experiences that are meaningful. More time for soul work.

My Mindset at a Glance

Here is an excerpt from my book SOAR that gives you a peek into my psyche, and shows what I was thinking in the midst of my huge paradigm shift:

“The breakdown of my marriage prompted a huge paradigm shift that caused me to think about every aspect of my life from a completely different vantage point. Shortly into the process, I found that I started to crave simplicity in a big way. I was feeling a strong pull to be in an environment that fostered peace and simplicity. I wanted to downsize and streamline everything.  I wanted to feel totally unencumbered. I wanted one furnace, not three. I wanted one-quarter of an acre, not eight. It was a little preposterous to think that I was choosing to walk away from something that we had created. At one point every decision we made for that house was so incredibly important, and now none of it mattered to me. I was suddenly craving experiences, not things. I had no problem parting with custom-made furniture we ordered for a custom-built house. I wanted our day-to-day living to be low-maintenance and I wanted to minimize the time I spent taking care of a house. I felt like I had been so weighed down for so long by the day-to-day operations. I was ready to free myself from all that no longer served me, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I wanted to be in an environment that gave me peace, and I wanted to align myself energetically so that I could step into the purpose that I have come to this Earth to fulfill.”

10 Powerful Questions to Simplify your Life

The lifestyle shift into simplicity is a very individual thing. This week, I’d love for you to take this “conscious” approach to reflect on simplification. Here are 10 powerful questions:

  • How do my surroundings make me feel?
  • When I spend discretionary dollars, do I choose possessions or experiences?
  • How do I spend my free time?
  • What distractions in my life are getting in the way?
  • How much do I value the feeling of peacefulness?
  • What lifestyle shifts can I make towards simplification?
  • How would I describe the “energy” of my living space?
  • On a scale of 1-10, 1 being clean and clear, and 10 being super cluttered, how do I rate my life?
  • How do I feel about simplifying my life?
  • How free do I feel?

I love to help people design lives that foster peace and a sense of purpose. Reach out and together we can help design a life that makes you feel peaceful, calm and purpose-driven every day.