Episode 34: Discovering New Ways to Balance Your Life with Anthony Hester

What is the best way to cope with stressful situations? How can we navigate life’s challenges and obstacles? Pam Savino is here to guide you as she talks with Anthony Hester, host of the Breathe Motivation Podcast.

Anthony’s podcast is designed to help listeners find passion in their everyday lives while learning how to deal with stress and anxiety. He started this podcast after going through his own journey to find peace. 

Anthony has always been a people pleaser, even when it meant sacrificing his own well-being. A few years ago, he was working in a high-stress retail setting when he experienced his first panic attack. Feeling stressed and overworked, he was not coping well. 

On top of work stress, he dealt with traumatic family issues too. He thought he was dying and quickly went to the hospital to find out what was wrong. Come to find out, he was not dealing with his anxiety properly.  

He researched everything he could about anxiety. He did more reading, exercising and meditating. He started to feel better and wanted to assist others in dealing with stress and anxiety. This led him to start the Breathe Motivation podcast. 

At first, Anthony used the podcast as a way to hold himself accountable and become comfortable with putting himself out there. The podcast not only helps his listeners but, it also helps Anthony to continue his research into healthy coping mechanisms. 

For the past three years, Anthony’s discussed topics like fear of missing out, recipes for success and setting goals. He continues to motivate and guide his listeners through life’s many obstacles by balancing and understanding. 

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