Episode 16: Navigating Vulnerability Using Your Love Map with Iona Monk and Pamela Stewart

Have you ever tried to navigate through a forest or trail without GPS, on-site directions, or a physical map guiding you along the way? Unless you have a unique gift with a built-in body compass, you may have attempted achieving your final destination, but likely were unsuccessful.

As human beings, it’s in our nature to grow and desire love and healthy attachments that help to mold us into who we are intended to be. Relationships are no different. These attachments and safe connections begin in early childhood which then carries forward into adulthood.

Pamela Stewart and Iona Monk, hosts of the “Relationship Dish” podcast, met during graduate school while finishing their clinicals. They quickly acknowledged they were both “psychologically minded” people and decided to use their passions and gifts to help couples across the world.

In addition to their podcast profession, both Pamela and Iona are experienced counselors who have helped countless individuals and couples, arming them with the tools and resources necessary to dig deep within themselves to uncover and explore their authentic selves.

Living authentically means something different to everyone.

Pamela defines authenticity as “living honestly and in the moment. Looking at a situation and understanding what I am doing, or how I am responding and why.” Pamela’s focus is on new parents and their early relationship with their children’s attachment.

Iona knows authenticity to mean that she must “walk my talk.” As a couples counselor, Iona focuses her energy on educating couples about healthy attachment, safe connection and communication. “Unearthing stuff is important because I don’t like anything growing between those I have relationships with which is what I teach my clients.”

Both agree that living authentically means vulnerability.

If you’re wanting to explore more about your “love map” and how to not only navigate it, but also activate it, join Pam Savino as she interviews Pamela and Iona, hosts of the “Relationship Dish” podcast. Your relationship will thank you later, we promise!