The Spiritual Way to Becoming Shatterproof

This post is different from my other ones because it gives you a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into my world. What I’m sharing with you is part of my journey to not just surviving, but thriving in life. It’s my journey to become shatterproof.

My world took an unexpected turn on March 8, 2017. Life as I knew it was going to be different and this development set me on a new path. In my book SOAR , I recount this life-changing moment in exquisite detail – one that sent me on a whole new trajectory. What exactly happened on that day? I was headed down the path of divorce.

This week’s blog is inspired from an article I published in Medium. Here’s a quotation from the article:

“I knew that this whole experience presented the potential to be highly transformative. I knew that growth and transformation wasn’t going to just happen on its own, and that it was highly dependent on the mindset I chose to embody.  I knew that I could end up anywhere along the spectrum, ranging from states of utter ruin and defeat, to states empowerment, peace, and joy.  It was up to me.”

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Two “Roads” in My Spiritual Journey

I had an energizing and empowering realization shortly after March 8, 2017. It was this: I had a very important choice I needed to make, which influenced my outcome and the rest of my life. 

Early on in the divorce process, I sat down and had a candid chat with myself where I said, “Pam, you have two choices here. You can either choose fear or choose faith.”

Even though it’s not an easy task, I chose faith. My book, SOAR, illustrates how I chose this path:

“I could have chosen to let my ego lead, but I didn’t. I chose to let my spirit lead instead. I knew that it was my spirit that would guide me through this process with the compassion, grace and forgiveness that I aspired to embody. I knew that it was my spirit that would allow me to transcend the unproductive emotions and feelings that would keep me stuck and disallow me from doing greater things. I knew that it was my spirit that would keep nudging me toward expansion to the states of acceptance, empathy, love and peace, which was where I needed to be.”

I had an assurance that if I surrendered to my divine plan, trusted in the process, and let my soul guide my growth, then something amazing would happen. I’d open myself up to the Universe’s unlimited rewards available to each of us. I’d embody love, peace, joy, abundance, fulfillment, connection, and purpose.  

Become Shatterproof

Going through my divorce helped me to become shatterproof. I believe we all have it within us to become shatterproof. I hope you can apply some of the reflections in this article to your own life.

The process of becoming shatterproof doesn’t just happen, achieving such a thing is a choice and takes focused effort. You must make this process a commitment to live by everyday. Every choice you make, whether it’s about what you say, do or think, must be in alignment with that goal.

With regards to my divorce, I knew I needed to roll up my sleeves and do the “soul work” necessary to become truly shatterproof. It’s not an easy journey, in fact, it can be very long and difficult.

Remember, it’s not all about the destination. Our true growth happens in the journey, regardless of how fast we move forward.

When the road to becoming shatterproof seems impossible, remember to have patience with yourself. Look for your small successes and improvements everyday. When we commit to faith and begin the process of becoming shatterproof, remember that that allows us to maintain a state of expansion. You’re always growing, learning and progressing. 

Goodbye Fear, Hello Faith

Earlier, I talked about having to make the choice between faith and fear. I want you to understand that fear is not the enemy. The real enemy is giving into too much power and allowing that power to make you become stuck. Fear is not the enemy because we can transform that fear, giving us the ability to use our true power. 

With my divorce, I knew that fear would have inhibited my ability to create a life that I wanted. If I hadn’t done the “soul work” and managed that fear, then it would have controlled me, leaving me feeling disempowered and fragile.

Those negative feelings won’t do me, or anyone else, any good. I didn’t want that for myself. I didn’t want to suffer nor to become the victim. So, I honored the powerful emotions I felt, dug deep inside my soul, and challenged myself on various fronts.

Trusting the Process

My book SOAR, delves deeper into my thoughts and desires regarding my life after divorce:

“I didn’t realize it at the time, but March 8, 2017 was…the day I stepped out of fear mode. It was the day that what was left of my ego officially began to burn off at warp speed, as I committed to embracing a soul-based existence. I no longer cared about what anyone else thought and no longer scared of change. I was no longer afraid to step into the unknown and I was no longer willing to compromise who I was for the sake of maintaining an image. Yes, during this process there would be plenty of moments of apprehension, indecisiveness, and uncertainty, as those are all normal reactions of the human condition, but all of these moments would be still pale in comparison to the gravity of being stuck in a situation that wasn’t in my highest good or my family’s best interests.”

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Here is another quotation from the article I published on Medium:

“I always marvel at the brilliance of the Universe and all of its infinite wisdom.  It always knows the magnitude of the catalyst needed to launch us into our authentic realities.  I had a choice. I could have succumbed to the powerful forces of fear, resentment, hate and regret. All of the other negative feelings commonly associated with divorce was there as well.  I could allow this experience to break me down, or I could declare this moment as my breakthrough. The choice was easy…I chose breakthrough.”

The Shatterproof Mindset

In retrospect of my journey to becoming shatterproof, I recorded five of the most powerful truths I discovered:

We are here to love and grow

The complexities and craziness of life can recede when we anchor ourselves on love and growth. Through this mindset, we can discern what deserves our time and energy. When we do this, we should let the rest of the “things” fall by the wayside, opening up our ability for our soul’s expansion.

Life is full of choices

We make choices everyday, from the moment we wake up to when we go to bed at night. We can use those moments to make a choice that propels us further on our spiritual journey. 

Life is happening for me, not to me

All life experiences serve a purpose. When I choose faith over fear, I allow the universe to take control and flow in the direction life takes me. It’s difficult to “surrender” to the divine plan, but doing so makes all the difference.

Self-worth is self-made

Happiness in life and discovering my self-worth is an inside job to find and maintain. The responsibility to honor my value is on me, and no one else. I design my life to support my worth by upholding my healthy boundaries and morals.

Bounce back higher

When I made the commitment to bounce back higher, I opened up the possibility of propelling my potential forward. To embody this commitment, we must dig deep and use our personal power.

Authenticity is the way

When I decided to live authentically, I promised myself to live my life that was true to who I was. You can accomplish this as well by understanding your beliefs, aligning your thoughts and actions, each of which are part of living authentically.

For each of the five powerful truths I listed, I slowly incorporated them into my life until they became a part of my lifestyle.

Click here to read the full article I published on Medium 

I Wouldn’t Change Anything

When I realized I was down the path of divorce on March 8, 2017, I knew there would be difficult days ahead. I knew I had to experience some major healing. I knew my spiritual journey through this life-altering season in my life wasn’t going to be easy.

When I surrendered to the Universe’s divine plan for me and incorporated these five truths into my life, something amazing happened. I began to feel more empowered. Untethered. Energized. Free. Unstoppable. Even joyful. 

During this time that could be full of bitterness and anger, I emitted high vibrations. As a result, as the Law of Attraction promises, I simultaneously attracted high vibrations to myself. 

Consciously Choose Faith

There is power in choosing faith. When I made that choice, the shift of power I felt was indescribable. 

We all embody the power to transform our lives. 

SOAR reminds us that we can transform our lives in a very meaningful way:

“We all have a story.  We all have challenges placed before us that have the potential to put us on the brink of a breakdown.  Events that strip us to the core and make us wonder how we’ll ever put the pieces back together and move on.  We all have the power within us to transform our own lives and impact the lives of others in a positive and very powerful way.  We have a choice, though, we must consciously and actively choose to access Universal Energy and exercise the power that resides within all of us.  It is often our toughest situations that launch us into the purposes we are each meant to fulfill.”

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As you go throughout this week, I invite you to reflect on your life. 

Think about areas in your life where you can choose faith instead of fear. What life experiences have you had that has fueled your growth? How can you doubt less, and trust more?  How can you embody love, even when it’s challenging? 

Reflect on these questions because they will kickstart your journey to becoming shatterproof

I’m here to help you on your transformative journey.

As always, I would love to hear from you.