Episode 100: Judgment is a Confession and It’s Great – With Dr. Frances Yahia

Our guest today is Dr. Yahia. She is an archetypal astrologer, akashic records reader, mental health counselor and a college professor. She uses her 4 stages of mind development, conception, pregnancy, the birthing process, and ages 0-7, plus her 12 Steps of Truth to help others uncover the subconscious patterns that keep them from reaching their full potential.

Dr. Yahia lives authentically every day by, “obsessing over the quality of [her[ thoughts.” She talks about how thoughts aren’t something we can control, but to develop spiritual growth we have to be able to sit with our own thoughts in silence. Developing that spiritual growth allows us to listen to our thoughts and not feel overwhelmed by them.

Dr. Yahia then talks about the 12 Truths. The truth of thoughts, desire, emotion and breath, intuition, intellect and instinct and so on. Each of these truths are interdependent of each other. 

So how do you achieve a step up on the spiritual ladder? Dr. Yahia answered that you have to ask yourself where you are at the current position, where you were when you were at that position, and where you will be when you get to that position. That’s where you get to judgment is a confession. You’re essentially looking at your own reflection. Your inner self, inner child, or judgment is letting you know how you see your self-worth.

Dr. Yahia dives deeper into how you can understand this judgment and how this will help you with gaining a step up on the spiritual ladder. In the podcast, Dr. Yahia uses her local mart and herself as a way to explain how the way we judge people is actually a reflection of us.

If someone at the line is too slow, you might start to feel frustrated or anxious. The question is to ask why you are feeling this way. Dr. Yahia brilliantly explains that those thoughts are your inner child. 

Wrapping up, Dr. Yahia proposes a question: if you’re on your first step of spiritual journey and growth or you’ve been on the journey for a while, what’s stopping you from taking another step up that ladder?

Connect with Dr. Yahia at www.dryahia.com.