A Clear Path to Authentic Living

When Daniel and I first connected, he was already a leader in the finance industry, and a highly successful one at that.

He was not only excelling on the professional front but was highly present with his big and active family, including four children.

It was obvious to me that Daniel was doing well.

But it was also obvious to me that “well” wasn’t good enough for Daniel – he was looking to knock it out of the park.

While he enjoyed many successes to date, he acknowledged that there’s so much more to learn and was fully committed to growth.

After working with him for several months, I was super honored to read this touching testimonial:

“Early this year I began business coaching with Pam Savino and have gained so much from our regular sessions.  I am the founder and CEO of a rapidly growing national financial services firm and have a very busy personal life with my wife and four school age children.  Faced with the dual challenges of managing the growing business and maintaining a strong and active personal and family life, Pam has been an invaluable resource.  Pam has provided great insight into business strategy and time management as well as sharing her strong instinct and intuition to provide support for personal and family matters.  Our sessions are customized to address any immediate needs that arise but follow a clear path to provide the guidance I need to live my best life and improve the lives of those around me.”

As the months go by, I can see Daniel relaxing into the process and really leaning into his authenticity.  It’s like sitting back and watching a flower bloom.The journey to authentic living can be a long and winding road, but worth every step of the way.  Here are three small steps you can try this week to start moving in that direction:

1.) Spend 30 minutes of “alone time” every day.

2.) Ask yourself “How do I feel?”

3.) Find one thing you appreciate every day.

Here are a few questions I invite you to reflect on:

Are you in touch with, I mean really in touch with, who you really are?

What’s standing in the way of your authentic self?

What does being an authentic leader mean to you?

We’re going to be talking more about living and leading from an authentic place, so stay tuned.  

As always, I’m here to help you, so here’s a link to grab a time if you’d like me to give you some ideas: 

Have a wonderful week!