Episode 101: The Greatest Tool We Have is Self-Honesty – With Andrew Wallas

Andrew Wallas, creator of a radical new approach to business called Business Alchemy, is a pioneer in business culture and spiritual transformation.

In this episode we talk with Andrew about living authentically, self honesty and the alternative strategies of life and work.

As always, we start off with the famous question: 

How do you live authentically everyday? Andrew Wallas shares candidly that he doesn’t. He has found that the way to be more authentic is to, “bring awareness in any area where I’m inauthentic or an area where I’m not being authentic.”

He shares that he has found great growth by following this process. The growth is that he has enough humility and awareness to spot where there’s inability in himself.

Then, we move along on the thought process behind his statement. Andrew mentions that we have the capability for self delusion. It’s neither good nor bad. We just have the ability.

As we get deeper into the conversation, the pioneer in business culture remind us that, “Life is made up of polarity.” In life there is right and wrong, good and bad, etc. We can’t have one without the other. We have to recognize that there is a polarity and that we shouldn’t “be frightened of both ends of the polarity.”

Later in the podcast, Andrew discusses the first step to start heightening awareness. He says the first step is self honesty and beginning to create an intention to be more honest with yourself.

Andrew then shares how he resonates with the part about how life happens for you. We need to think more about how something that’s happening to us is supporting us.

As we reach the end of our podcast, we talk about how we need to stop seeing everyone as a competition. We’re evolving away from living in the past and future to living in the now. We’re evolving away from seeing everything as a competition to collaboration.

We can’t stop that evolution. We can’t stop the transformation. 

The period of the lone wolf is now over. We don’t have to go through transition alone. We need to come together, as a small community, supporting each other and sharing authentically.

Listen to our podcast now to hear Andrew and I go further in depth about transformation, self honesty and you can start living authentically with self-honesty.