7 Ways to Elevate Your Vibration During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus continues to ripple throughout the world, touching every person on different levels. In this post, I will show you seven powerful ways to live a high-vibrational lifestyle during these challenging times.

From day-to-day logistical and practical considerations to long-term concerns about our financial well-being, we all feel the stressors that the Coronavirus pandemic has engendered upon us.

Sometimes these stressors are overwhelming, to the point of worry and depression. It is only natural for our minds to drift beyond the present moment, far into the future. We may find ourselves catastrophizing about the many unfavorable scenarios that may stem from this situation.

Take a moment and breathe. In and out. We’re going to get through this. As individuals, as families, as a country, and as a world.

While life as we know it has changed, we do have a choice in how we respond to this global situation. We can either allow the stress and uncertainty to overwhelm and paralyze us, or, we can reframe it as a powerful call to action. While many of the aspects of the current pandemic are not within our realm to manage, the good news is that there are lifestyle practices we can adopt to ensure that we are healthy and balanced in mind, body and spirit. This makes us in the best position to respond to the current landscape from an empowered and energized state of being. This is the perfect time to take inventory on the lifestyle choices we are making for ourselves and incorporate new lifestyle practices.

To optimize your overall well-being, you need to commit to a high-vibrational lifestyle.

Doing this will shape your reality in a powerful way.

Why Is It Important to Elevate Your Vibration?

In order for lifestyle changes to take hold, we must acquaint ourselves not only with the how, but first, the why. Our deep-seated “whys” help fuel our commitment and our desire to stay the course over the long-term.

My book, SOAR, explains the concepts of vibration and energy. Here is a quotation from my book about that subject:

“Think back to elementary school when we all learned about matter and its associated constituents. Atoms are the building blocks for our entire Universe. Subatomically, atoms are composed of tiny whizzing units of energy made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Most of an atom is empty space. Everything in our world vibrates at a different frequency, and that is what gives rise to the physical separatism. Everything has an associated vibrational value. People have a vibrational value. Plants have a vibrational value. Animals have a vibrational value. The food you eat has a vibrational value. Thoughts have a vibrational value. Emotions have a vibrational value.”

As you can see, high vibrations are very important for us to our individual lives and the world around us. Another concept that relates to vibrations is the Law of Attraction.

This law is a foundational law of the universe that is based on the premise that “like attracts like.” The Universe plays the matching game all day every day, constantly matching things of like vibrations. What we attract into our physical world is a reflection of what we have cast out into the universe. In order to attract high vibrations, first we must emit high vibrations. Therefore, our goal should always be to maximize our vibration.


How Can I Elevate My Vibration?

There are several modalities across the holistic spectrum that play a role in elevating your vibration. Here are seven powerful, yet accessible, ways to raise your vibration on a daily basis.

#1 Manage Stress Levels

Stress is a part of our lives. We stress about relationships, work, raising children, finances and so many different things. When we stress, our bodies produce certain chemicals. These negative chemicals undermine the integrity of our immune system and impede it from functioning optimally.
Here are a few ideas to help you manage your stress levels:

  • Journal- whether you write about the days’ events or your feelings about life, writing thoughts or events on paper is very therapeutic.
  • Avoid or minimize nicotine, caffeine and alcohol.
  • Manage time commitments- make sure you don’t over schedule yourself, doing so will make you even more stressed.
  • Get adequate sleep- when you get enough sleep, your mind will be invigorated and your body refreshed.
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries- this ensures that you have the most positive relationships with those around you.
  • Confide in someone you trust- talking through things with those you trust will help you process your stress and perhaps problem-solve techniques to lower your stress levels.

#2 Breathe

When you are stressed, take five minutes to sit back and breathe. Take several deep, slow, controlled breaths throughout the day.

#3 Engage in Physical Exercise

If you’re feeling stressed, make time to be physically active every day. You can choose any activity that gets you up and moving. Walking, running, lifting weights, swimming, yoga, stretching, and the list goes on. Pick your favorite!

#4 Rest and Relax

Take the time necessary to rest and relax, giving your bodies the opportunity to revitalize and rebuild. It’s an important part of the process, and often the least prioritized. Make sure you set aside enough time in your day, and night, to rejuvenate. And remember to get enough sleep!

#5 Eat High-Vibrational Foods

Natural foods that you can find in nature, such as vegetables, fruits, and grains are high-vibrational. I always choose organic wherever possible to minimize the amount of toxins in my body. Here are some high-vibrational foods you can try:

  • Leafy greens – spinach, kale, arugula, collard greens
  • Fresh berries – while various fresh fruits have high vibrations, I recommend berries because they’re lowest in sugar
  • Fresh herbs – many have healing and detoxifying qualities
  • Beans and legumes – packed with nutrients, healthy carbohydrates, protein, and fiber
  • Nuts and seeds – contain healthy fats, protein, and other nutrients
  • Fermented foods – play a powerful role in establishing a healthy ecosystem within our bodies
  • Spices – certain spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper play a role in reducing inflammation, raising our metabolism, etc.
  • Herbal teas – promote a healthy immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation and sleep

If you would like more information on high-vibrational foods, then read my “Did You Know That Food Affects Your Vibration,” post that talks all about it.

#6 Bolster Your Immune System

Believe it or not, disease resonates at a lower frequency than the frequency of a healthy body. The importance of this way to elevate your vibration can not be overemphasized. Here are a few supplements you can eat to support your immune system:

  • Vitamins- A, B6, C, D and E
  • Minerals- Folate/folic acid, selenium, iron, and zinc

#7 Embody High-Vibrational Emotions

Like I said in the quotation above, “…what we attract into our physical world is a reflection of what we have cast out into the universe. In order to attract high vibrations, first we must emit high vibrations.” Remember, our emotions are also vibrations.

Make a conscious effort to embody high-vibrational emotions, such as love, peace, and joy.

Our emotions are in large part driven by our thoughts, so make a conscious effort to think positive, feel-good thoughts.

If you’d like more ideas or information about raising your vibrations, then read my “6 Ways To Raise Your Vibration,” blog post.

I’m hoping you are ready to get started on one or all of these seven ways to elevate your vibration, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

It takes time to incorporate new lifestyle practices in a manner that is sustainable over the long-haul, so make small changes and as you become comfortable with those, layer on more.

I hope your week is filled with high-vibrations!