5 Easy Ways to Create a Better Future for Yourself

I hear it all the time…”I fucked up this life, maybe I’ll get it right next life.” There are some ways to create a better future for yourself.

To which I say – “No. You’re 45. You could be here for several more decades. You’re gonna just throw in the towel and ride out the rest of your years like this? Are you really okay with that?”

Your life isn’t over at 45. Or 55, Or 75, Or 95. You need to put your boat in the stream wherever you are and move FORWARD. Stop looking back already.

I don’t care what your past is, you can ALWAYS create a better future for yourself, I know people who have spent time behind bars, and are now the source of strength, light and hope for others.

I founded Live Authentically 43.  At 44 I did my first Spartan race and started my podcast. I ran my first marathon at 45. I published my first book at 45. And we’ve only just begun, friends. I’m planning on being here for 60 more, and no I’m not joking.

You can too. 

You can create your reality to look any way you want it to. We live in a world where anything is possible, and the only limitations that exist are the ones you create in your mind.

In order to make a shift, you’re gonna need to be willing to abandon patterns that don’t serve you and be willing to adopt an entirely new way of living. Some things can stay, but some must go. It’s just the way it is.

What is standing between you and your ideal life?  What’s getting in the way?   This article will help you begin the process of paving the way to your new life.

Identify What’s In Your Way

The first step is awareness. We have to identify what’s getting in the way.

Is it you, others or your environment? Could it be your past, societal conditioning or guilt? Is it a shame, lack of motivation, fear or doubt? What about regret, uncertainty or judgment? Do you feel unworthy? Is it apathy, limitations or overwhelm? Could it be disorganization, blame or lack of clarity? Is it a combination of some of the above?

The list above is lengthy, and that’s intentional. It’s meant to bring awareness that there are lots of things that could stand between us and our ideal life. It’s meant to show you that it can be complicated and overwhelming.

The road to your new life may currently have blocks, obstacles, detours, and a lot of them. That’s ok.  We all have stuff that needs to be cleared out before we can enjoy the drive on the open road.

This week, I’d encourage you to give some thought to what may be getting in your way.

What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

Oftentimes, we tell ourselves a story that brings more of the same.  You may find yourself saying things like “Life’s always been hard.  That’s just the way it is. Some things never change.  Everyone has it easier.  I’ll never get ahead.  Money is hard to come by.  I don’t have the necessary skills.  I have bad luck.  I’m always getting the short end of the stick.”

Does any of that sound familiar?

Our reality is created with the thoughts we think. What story are you telling yourself?

Designing Your New Life

Paying attention to our thoughts and harboring the right mindset a good start, but that alone isn’t isn’t going to get us there. We need to build systems, processes, and ultimately a lifestyle to support our new way of living.

Morning routines, evening routines, daily habits, are all extremely important in keeping you moving in the direction you want to go.  

Do you have formalized systems and processes to support the direction you want to take in your life?

Look Forward, Not Backward

One of the “life lessons” I learned from my dad is to keep looking forward.  He has talked many times over the years that he was always looking backward, and not the direction he was going. This is one of the most valuable mindsets to embrace

I work with people all the time who feel like they are limited by their past. They’re stuck in a past event, past hurt, and just can’t let it go.  

Onto the idea of looking forward, I’d also layer on to take the long view.  Live like you’re going to be here until 110 years old. Don’t assume you’re going to “wind down” at any age. 

Get up every day, and get excited about the “first day” of the rest of your life.

Get on the Open Road

When we’re living with so many things in our way, it feels like we’re stuck in traffic.  We’re in our car, trying to get somewhere, but just can’t. We may make a little progress, only to get stuck again.

I love to help people get out of their own way. I’m precisely where “old school” and “new age” meet, and my approach is far from your typical “set goals and crush them” style.  My approach is revolutionary and flies in the face of mainstream and conventional.  I’m not gonna sugar coat anything for you.  By now, you may know that “tell it like it is” is my signature style. I’m gonna give you some tough love, and coax you into your innate greatness. But I’ll do it in a way where you feel like you’re having fun along the way. Imagine that combo.

Let’s start the journey to your open road today. 

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