Episode 38: The Hour of Champions: From Victim to Hero with Steve Werner

While financial success is something that most of us strive for, it is not everything. The fancy car and big house mean nothing if you feel like something is missing. Mindset coach, author and longtime entrepreneur, Steve Werner knows exactly how it feels to be disconnected from yourself. His long journey to living in his authentic reality took many pitfalls, failures and adjustments. 

Steve began his entrepreneurial journey as a commodity trader in Chicago. After 20 years of constant success, he lost his job due to new technological advancements. Feeling that his career was taken away, Steve struggled with depression and severe stress as he worked tirelessly to get his life back on track. 

During this time, Steve established a new business, but was quickly met with failure again due to the 2008 housing market crash. His depression got worse and his trajectory went downward. Steve’s doctor prescribed him a variety of medications to help him feel better. While Steve thought the medication was helping at first, he soon realized that they were only working to mask his pain.

In 2014, Steve ran into a doctor friend in downtown Chicago. His friend told him that if he continued taking his medication, he would die. This was the wake-up call Steve needed to start his new path towards wellness and spirituality. 

After 10 months of medication withdrawal, Steve’s life changed He explored spiritual practices and exercised every day. For the first time in a long time, he felt good. He established a morning routine, which he called “the hour of champions,” and found spiritual guidance through various books and Youtube videos.  

In 2018, Steve decided to take his experience and use it to help others. With a background in coaching, he started a Facebook group called The Hour of Champions, so he could help guide others towards a more authentic and fulfilling life. The group quickly grew and is now home to thousands of members. Through his experiences, Steve helps others on the same journey. 

Steve now offers mindset and transition coaching for anyone who wants to change their life or overall mindset. He is also a bestselling author and the host of the Hour of Champions podcast

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