The Aligned Executive: Ignite Transformational Growth

Over the holidays, I spent a lot of time off the grid.  The time off wasn’t exactly planned – I’m used to powering through the holidays and not taking much time off, so I expected to do the same this year.

But this year was different.  Q4 was the most hectic quarter I’ve had, ever, I think.  Between personal stuff and business, I was juggling a lot.  Too much.  And I was starting to see some real-life evidence of it – being more tired than usual, getting stressed more easily, and the writing wasn’t coming as naturally as it usually does, which is the most significant indicator that something needs to change.

Part of the time off was a struggle – slowing down isn’t intrinsically in my DNA, and there were plenty of times I needed to coach myself out of the guilt for not being “productive.”

But what I was doing was immensely productive.

I reminded myself of this important truth:  I can do less and attract more.

And that, right there, is what alignment is all about.

Alignment means connecting back to who we really are.

We feel settled in our energy, our minds, and our spirits.  Our nervous systems are calm.  We have mental clarity, and ideas come to us with ease.  We’re in that flow state where things are constantly working out for us.

When I look back at my most explosive periods of growth, either personally or professionally, it was always a direct result of doubling down and committing to alignment.  

So as it turned out, in true universe fashion, my time off was immensely productive; I emerged with clear intentions and direction:  my number one priority is and always will be alignment with self.

And that is precisely what I do for my clients; I help other executives align with who they are.

Why?  Because there’s nothing more magnetic than a leader who is in touch with who they really are.

When you’re aligned, you no longer have to work tirelessly to motivate those around you.  Your energy naturally inspires people, and their motivation comes from within.

Alignment isn’t a permanent state of being that you attain and retain indefinitely; it’s a lifelong practice that constantly requires attention, care, and nurturing.  But that’s the fun part.  The joy is in the journey.

So would you like me to help you become aligned, so you can achieve sky-high levels of success and have fun along the way?  It IS possible to have it all (and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!)   Let’s chat!

And stay tuned for my next article, where I’ll give you five ways to kickstart your alignment.