The Aligned Executive: 5 Lifestyle Shifts Every Executive Needs to Make

Your true leverage is in your alignment.

Aligned leaders anchor on core values that guide them personally and professionally.

And when you’re constantly connecting back to what’s important to you, you attract other people and experiences congruent with who you are.

I’m still smiling about a story one of my clients told me last week about his recent experience.  Over the holidays, his travels took him abroad and while in the airport, he found himself talking to someone who works in the same industry.  Together, they started to uncover potential business synergies and discovered that the guy lived 20 minutes away from his home.

As a noteworthy detail, this client is an introvert, and when we first started working together, he commented that he keeps to himself and doesn’t talk to people much.  Now he’s having so much fun putting himself out there and seeing what the universe sends his way.

He said, “I couldn’t wait to get back and tell Pam about this.”  I’m beyond proud of him!

And if that wasn’t enough, when I first met him, he had no clients.  And now, almost a year after we began working together, clients are pouring in.  In fact, he has no capacity to take on any additional work unless he hires someone to help him.  Talk about explosive growth!

So how can you magnetize new experiences and create possibilities like this in your own life?

To kickstart your alignment, I’ve put together five lifestyle shifts every executive needs to make starting today.

Try these on and see how they work for you.  Remember, everyone’s version looks different.  I’d love to help you develop a lifestyle design that works for you.

Five Lifestyle Habits

1. Prioritize Your Well-Being

Everything stems from the relationship you have with yourself.  Make your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being your primary commitment, and everything else in your life will flow.

2. Batching/Timeblocking

You’ll pick up some serious momentum if you ditch multitasking and dedicate uninterrupted time to a single endeavor.

3. Incorporate ebbs and flows

Intentionally incorporate a rhythm into your life, including periods of high intensity and periods of rest.  You can do this on a micro and macro level – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.  For example, build in 30 minutes daily to wind down at night, and spend a whole day recharging once a quarter.

4. Identify Your Priorities

Identify what’s most important to you and prioritize your time accordingly in an intentional way.  Make sure you have harmony in all areas of life – family, business, personal time, recreation, wellness, and spirituality.

5. Explore Your Creativity

Creative endeavors benefit leadership in so many ways – problem-solving, flexibility, open-mindedness, and intuition, to name a few.  Consider taking up a new hobby or revisiting an old one.

Have fun experimenting with these ideas.  I’d love to help you design your lifestyle, so reach out, and we’ll chat.