Heal the World With Love


This world has undoubtedly had its challenges in recent months. We are still reeling from the devastation COVID-19 has caused on many fronts. While we  try to make strides to unify, heal and stand in solidarity. Above all our country is slammed with acts that highlight that separatism and judgement have stronger undercurrents than we … Read more

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Can Heal The World

This week’s blog post is inspired by an article I wrote for The Elephant Journal on March 14,2020. Click here to view the article. The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by surprise. As the gravity of the situation deepens and the landscape changes by the hour, the world is spellbound as we watch this … Read more

A Prayer for Collective Healing

A Prayer for Collective Healing

The reality of unfolding events as a result of coronavirus (COVD-19) is leaving the world spellbound and in a situation where no life is left untouched. I am sending energy for collective healing to the world on a global basis. I am also sending energy to individuals who need physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. … Read more