A Prayer for Collective Healing

The reality of unfolding events as a result of coronavirus (COVD-19) is leaving the world spellbound and in a situation where no life is left untouched. I am sending energy for collective healing to the world on a global basis. I am also sending energy to individuals who need physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. This world needs our collective strength and healing energy. I am giving you this prayer in the hope that each of you finds a part of it that speaks directly to your soul.

Healing Prayer

God, Creator, Universe, Source Energy, Higher Power. Angels, spirit guides, holy ancestors. We are calling on you today to hear us. We know you’re always listening, seeing, and watching over us, but today, we are sending up prayers and asking for you to send an extra special dose of healing energy to our group.

We are grateful for the many blessings that surround us. We are grateful for those with whom we have the privilege of sharing our Earthly journeys. We are grateful for this Earthly Classroom, in which we can move about freely and call in the lessons we have come here to master. We are grateful for the beauty of nature that surrounds us every day and know that no building or structure is necessary to truly connect us with the constant flow of divine energy. All we need to do to access our divinity is admire your awe-inspiring natural creations.

We are grateful for the formation of this group. It is truly an honor to walk this journey with each of these beautiful souls and I am delighted that our souls have planned to meet in this time and in this place.

We pray for forgiveness. Forgiveness for ourselves and forgiveness for those who have hurt us. We trust that everyone is doing their best from their respective level of consciousness and may act in ways we may not understand from our state of evolution. I know forgiveness makes me feel unencumbered and unleashes me to move forward into my future with freedom and authenticity.

We pray for healing – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Many in our group and in our world are hurting. Please surround them with the love and support they need to get through their challenging times. Communicate with them in a way that resonates with their unique souls that there are brighter days ahead. Help them to slowly strip away any unproductive addictions, compulsions, distractions, or other behaviors that inhibit their connection to their divine essence.

We pray for compassion, for ourselves, and for others. Please help us to keep this at the forefront of our intentions and embody a kind, gentle spirit.

We pray for a peaceful spirit. May we navigate this Earthly journey with dignity and integrity, embodying the belief that we are always where we are supposed to be. Help us to immerse ourselves in the present moment, and process life as it is, not as we thought it should be.

We pray for physical strength. We pray that our bodies, these temporary homes for our souls, continue to serve us well in our time here.

We pray for spiritual depth. We know that the only pathway to spiritual depth is life experiences. It is the challenging experiences in particular that are direct invitations from the Universe for growth and expansion. Help me to embrace all of my life experiences and integrate them into my belief system so that I may achieve the depth of character, richness, and substance that accentuate the uniqueness of my soul.

We pray for divine connection. We know that our true power is harnessed when we connect to the essence of who we are and is not found in temporary, material Earthly statuses, possessions, or measures.

We pray for the strength to live lives that are authentic to who we are. Give us the courage to take off our masks and be seen, truly seen. Infuse us with the confidence that we won’t be judged for showing the world who we are.

Once again, we thank you for the richness of this physical experience. While we may not understand why we are where we are at any given point in time, we are infused with the trust-filled belief that your knowledge and wisdom is limitless. You are always conspiring a plan to deliver that which is in our highest good. Help me to detach from outcomes and time-frames and surrender to Your divine plan.

As part of my rent for the privilege of this human experience, I will honor myself and others by embodying love and doing what love would do, every single day.


Please stay safe and healthy during this challenging time.